Where and what help can i get

my ex wife changed the locks to our home and called tthe police to take me away my disabled twins were  looking through the window.im crying as i am typing this.She has made things differcult for me.I had to move away to prevent a breakdown,Ive no money for food as the bills need to be paid,

Ive lost 3 stone and feel so weak i dont get any good days and have tried to kill myself a few times but stopped because i would hurt the children.Im just waiting to die.I have bells palsey as well.Im in blackpool and just wondered how to go about getting help


Hello David I am so sorry you are going through this awful period in your life . It may not seem it at the moment but there are people out there who really care who can help you . Maybe the best thing to do is ring the helpline at the top of the page ( on forum ) . I have only spoken to them once but they were so helpful . They will know who to put you in touch with to help you in your area . 

Im sure things can get better for you . Sometimes it can feel like the end of the road when you hit rock bottom but there are many people who have been there and come through it . 

Have you got GP PD nurse a friend that you can talk to ? 

You're right think of your twins it sounds like they love you very much . Ring the helpline as soon as it opens . Thinking about you . You are not alone David . You have friends here . 

Hi David,

I'm very sorry to hear what's going on - you're not alone, there is help out there. I echo what Maddison said, please do call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 and they will be able to offer you support and help.

With best wishes,
Digital Team


Hi David,

Additionally you can contact Samaritans 08457 90 90 90 who provide support and have local branches www.samaritans.org

If you email your contact details to [email protected] our helpline would be happy to call you.

Best wishes,
Digital Team

Hi David,

You are not alone as others have said.  Take a look at the Helping Hand website based in Blackpool.  They have a facebook and twitter page also.  They befriend and offer support.


It's not easy to ask for help I know but it is out there.  Keep in touch.

hello Maddison things got rock bottom so much so i went down to 8 stone from 12.One day i thought i can only go up now and they did so much so i no longer have the degenerating parkinsons its stopped at stage 2 and will not get worse which means no dementure or wheelchair in the future.some symptoms have gone some may stay but the news is more promising.