Where is meaning located?

Each morning I wake up inside the same head I fell asleep in. Once I’m awake I accompany myself wherever I go during the day. Somehow my awareness is tied to this specific body; even in the midst of other people and different social contexts this link is constant. It follows that the people around us and the society we live in can only temporarily define us; if we rely on these things to give us meaning, we ignore or suppress that which is constant in the different circumstances we encounter: our own self.

Therefore, meaning is located not in the external environment as knowledge moving towards us, but in the opposite direction; meaning is in us as we reach out for the external environment. In other words, meaning is not in the team we support, the religion we believe, the society we live in, the clothes we wear, our peer group, the prognosis of a disease or who we are compared to. Meaning is grounded in our internal self: in how we think, how secure we are in our own skin, why we hold a particular belief and how we relate to ourselves.

Meaning, which is always in relation to a subjective knower, is determined and therefore limited by the state in which the knower exists. This determination is manifest in our ability to choose. For example, Parkinson’s disease is part of the state in which I exist but its meaning is entirely my choice. Seeing the prognosis of Parkinson’s as a rigid future requires me to actively suppress alternative possibilities (e.g. the future is unknown); the meaning of the prognosis as rigid future isn’t imposed externally, it is accepted internally.

dr jonny


Once again you have hit the nail most squarely on the head or heed as it is
referred to in Geordie Land, I think its time you accepted the dubious Honour of
the freedom of BYKER once you have passed a few simple tests like, who was the
famous Geordie who not only supplied weapons all over the world ,and had his magnificent mansion near Rothbury powered by the very first Hydro Electric Generator, and other tests such as Budgie Jumping, no that's not misspelt you obtain a few budgies, and train them to sit perfectly still while you jump over
them, these traditional comparatively simple tests will grant you ACCESS AND FREEDOM OF THE BOROGH OF BYKER, a honour not to be sniffed at especially if you travel a few miles east to Howdon, where you will be greeted with the pungent
odour of trillions of gallons of sewage passing through, "pun intended" one of the biggest treatment works in the country of which yours truly played a major part in its construction. Now I have in a rather unsubtle way in the manner of
some one who may appear unhinged attempted ,to portray my state of mind, as you
can tell I am more inclined toward fun and silliness than posts recent, this is a major improvement on the black depression which was crushing the life out of me
bigtime and in a MILLIGANIST,BI POLAR STYLE I feel most most well and capable of allowing my mind to run free, as you can tell.I actually feel that I am outside
my body looking at a different person, a happy person one who needs to laugh I
and play and let off steam, do you recognize these characteristics Dr Johnny
or am I talking a load of cobblers.
Kind Regards Fed:sunglasses:

Hi fed

Magnificent post! I'm glad the dark clouds have lifted a bit! i recognise the down but not the up

dr jonny

Good morning all ,I am please to report that the depression from which I suffered has lifted, this makes me feel very much better and able to feed in more usefull information so I will start with something I am sure most of you will recognise :imp: shut downs. This most terrifying of PD symptoms is still showing its hand,and is very frightening but at least it can be brought under control by pressing the boost button on the Duodopa machine , however if I use the boost
:smile:too often It causes Dyskinesia and in some cases very painfull Dystonia, so care has to be taken . I had a visit from my new Community Psychiatric nurse yesterday she is Australian and has a broad Aussie accent, which you would expect from some one who comes from Australia this makes conversation a little difficult at times but we get by ,this young lady has travelled 10 000 miles to take my case load and If I may say, it is quite a substantial one ,I was doing a summing up of the costs incurred by me over the years and it is really shocking when you see it in print . I first became Ill when I was 17 and afflicted by Meniers Disease , a really horrible totally debilitating complaint which haunted me for 35 yrs, during this diasterous period of my life my x left me , I thanfully gained custody of my two Daughters but the loss of the woman I loved plus meniers plus tinnitus, brought on severe depression, now up to date according to my GP who has the bedside manner of Joe Stalin and takes delight in reminding me how much the drugs I am taking cost the NHS ,I have run up a bill of £22000 , shocking isn't it ,now if you throw in the Parky drugs which I have consumed since 1999 you can add over £35000,then there is the Hospital time I was in NTGH for 1week with a Dangerous Water infection, with the expensive Antibiotics and the expert care well it must have been at least £15000, and then I was told I had PD IN 99 so we can add at least 14 yrs of specialist care and I know protocol does not permit me to name names but you guys in the Jubilee wing of NTGH I cannot thank you enough for the most amazing care and compassion you have bestowed upon me since I became your patient in 2002,you are the best, but this level of care does not come cheap so from 2002 to the present, which includes my serious fall in 2005 when I collapsed at home , I was severely concussed and I Thought I had broken my neck the pain was so bad ,plus on three occasions rushed to Hospital by Ambulance, with terrible chest and stomach pain so include the pricy specialist care of those greatest of the greates heros the Ambulance crews ,you guys are a perfect example of the best side of the Human race and I salute you all,next comes the treatment for prostate cancer which is ongoing at goodness knows what cost and all the first class treatment at the FREEMAN in Newcastle, if I go back a bit to 99 all this must come to at least £200000 or more, then we come to the daddy of the lot, Duodopa, approximately £30 000 and about £28000 to run per year so there you have it folks I have personally cost the NHS the princely sum of£302000 and all this treatment compassion kindness and fantastic support at home cost me not one penny,I have been witness to so much kindness concern and I know I keep saying this, compassion ,I feel priveledged to be part of the vast massive huge juggernaut we know as the NHS and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
OH and by the way this is a very conservative average estimate it will probably be more, these figures certainly give meaning to my life. Kindest Regards fedex FEDEX

had to look up menier's disease - sounds (no pun intended) very unpleasant but is the only disease i have come across where 'healthy sex' is a treatment.
how does that help ear ache? gives a whole new meaning to 'getting an earful' .

as to where meaning is located, i prefer the stress-free liberation of embracing meaninglessness.

ps fed - you are lucky to have to put up with only one aussie accen - there are millions of the buggers here!

Hello turnip, I mentioned your suggestion of sex being a cure for Meniers ,which incidently I don't suffer with now ,she told me to go away, or words to that effect.
A Aussie joke, A very wealthy Australian chap has a bit of a problem, a saltwater croc in his swimming pool, he obviously wants it out and puts the word out that anyone who can remove the animal can name his price, or alternatively
can choose any prize and he will supply, a large crowd of people gather but when they see the size of old salty no one is prepared to go for it. Some time goes by then suddenly one of a number of Aborigine guys who work for him plunges into the pool wrestles with the croc for 20 mins dragging it to the shallow end and throws it out of the pool ,it runs off into the undergrowth.
"Christ Drew, I am lost for words mate,name your price," said his boss,
" The only thing I want is the name of the bugger who pushed me in !?":sunglasses: