Where Melody's gone...and welcome Tamsin

Hi all,
You may have seen posts recently from Melody. This was due to a confusion with usernames.

Tamsin is returning to the community after some time away but because she was having problems logging in with her old username, she chose a new one--Melody. We've now sorted this out.

So, you won't see any more posts from Melody but welcome back Tamsin!

Thank you for sorting this out Ezinda!! I am so happy to be back, and to be Tamsin! It's especially nice to see so many old names and friends out there still, like coming home after a long time away. :smile:
Hi Tamsin, I wondered where you had gone! Great to see you back ~ Welcome! xx:)
hiya tamsin,i remebr u tellin me in the cafe/diner ,and i could not work it out,now i understand :laughing:welcome back tamsin x:smile:
I know, sorry for the confusion, it was a computer thing. And me and computers don't really go together, I don't understand how they feel!