Where to buy Ambroxol

Hi All, hope you are all keeping well. I am thinking of trying Ambroxol again but the cost seems to have risen dramatically. Does anyone out there take Ambroxol, what doseage, is there anywhere other than Amazon sells it.



I get mine from Repositioned Pharmaceuticals Limited. I use 600mg/day. Not sure whether it is doing me any good. This dosage works out at about £60/mth and is mid range of the ongoing trial.


Thanks for the info Rhodri,


I’m newly diagnosed with PD and would very much like to try Ambroxol now as this seems to be my best bet of slowing the disease. I looked at the previously suggested source, Repositioned Pharmaceuticals Limited but they don’t seem to exist now. I would be grateful for any information about other suppliers.
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Susanjh, It looks like we may have difficulty getting Ambroxol. Do you know about the clinical trial starting soon, google ASPro-PD ?

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes,I do know about the trial but unfortunately I am not eligible to take part. Quite honestly though, I’d prefer to be sure I am taking the treatment rather being one of the control group for two years. I’m very aware that the trials so far are not conclusive but they do seem promising and really - any port in a storm is worth a go!

Unfortunately as others have noted the information I posted about Repositioned Pharmaceuticals was quickly out of date.