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Hi everyone, I was dx in March and have only seen neurologist once. i am only on azilect at the moment. I am experiencing different things and find, it difficult to know if they are connected with parkinsons, getting old (56) or simply in my mind. two days ago I realised that i have suddenly developed restricted movement in my wrist I dribbble at night on my pillow - (more embarrassing than anything else) I often visit the forum but do not usually sign in as i feel I have nothing valuable to contribute. I really appreciate benefitting from all your knowledge but just need some tips on the best way to deal with things.
hello pegasus, & welcome

from my own experience it is not unusual to see a neurologist at 10 - 12 monthly intervals (unless you pay!). I recognise the night-time drooling/damp pillow problem. A nurse recommended pineapple juice or dark grape juice ( I don't think she meant wine) I have no idea of the chemistry, but it seems to help. I think that the excess saliva is a pd problem rather than a side effect of medication
May I suggest that if you have medication queries that you contact the helpline('phone no. at top left of page). A nurse will 'phone you back. They are informed, patient & kind

And I assure you, you have a lot to contribute. If not for contributors, there would not be a forum

With my very best wishes
PS you are not old! The wrist problem might be to do with the muscle tension associated with pd.? I am not a medical DR, so it is best to ask your GP/PD nurse/helpline nurse
But once again i can assure you that your symptoms are not unusual
Best wishes
Thanks for your reply annebernadette, I think i just find it frustrating that everything just isn't black or white, I even find myself in denial as there seems no way of telling if the diagnosis is correct or not. I do try and keep cheerful and have a lovely oh, thanks again - pat x
Hi Pat

I too was Diagnosed in March and am seeing my neuro again next week. I am lucky our neuro does 6 monthly appointments, still not enough though,when you have so many questions running through your mind all the time.

If you look under the advice section on the home page, there is a fact sheet on dribbling and excess saliva which might be helpful.

I hope you will join in with the forum, as AB says, without people there is no forum.

So welcome and I look forwards to your posts.

Welcome Pat,

I was dx'ed in May at age 46. Have the same drooling that you mentioned, AB and Caroline had good suggestions for it. As to the wrist feeling stiff, I haven't had that but did have frozen shoulder. It started as a stiffening sensation that got worse till could barely use it. Doc recommended physical therapy and after several months got 95% back. With PD you'll hear "Move it or Lose it" quite a bit. Good luck and best wishes, Lin2