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hi dont know if anyone can answer this. why are some started on azilect and some on requip xl?

ive been started on requipxl 2mg to increase by 2mg weekly if no side effects to 10mg . does it depend on symptoms? can understand why if one doesnt suit try another , but why the different drug to begin with?   


Requip xl is a much stronger drug with more , potentially serious, side effects, but also greater efficacy on symptoms. Younger patiens tolerate the side effects better.  The starting drug is usually the preference of the individual neurologist. A PD nurse told me she could immediately tell who someone's consultant was by their medication. Of the dopamine agonists the choice is nowadays more often Requip than Mirapexin, but a few years ago these were both prescribed in equal numbers. Like some patients are started on Sinemet, others on Madopar, both levodopa drugs. And there are a few neurologists, who hope that Azilect will eventually prove to be neuroprotective after all.

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well im upto 4mg requip xl , no effect on symptoms just slight headache.

beginning to realise how frustratingly slow everything is...the disease and the treatment.! 


Hi kittens3 hope you start to feel better soon . Read what j of grey cottage says about the azilect too ( yesterday) . I have recently been diagnosed too and understand your frustration . Hang on in there ! I am taking Azilect . I was told they hope it has neuro protective qualities and can help symptoms . Regarding symptom control it appears to be on an individual basis and people may need to take another drug alongside it 

Am waiting for appt with pd nurse  so will ask about azilect . I don't see consultant again till April . My gp wants to see me monthly so at least someone is monitoring my progress.

if requip xl doesn't stop the tremor what's the next option ? I would love to stop this constant internal shake plus l arm.

thanks everyone for the replies