Which Reply button should I be using?

I’m a bit confused about how to reply to people. Should I be using the Reply button immediately after their post or the one at the bottom of the page?

Just now I tried to use the one in their posts to reply individually to 2 people but when I tried to post the second I got a message to say I was replying to quickly and must wait another 38 seconds before I could post my reply. Should I have combined both posts into one?

Hi Singing_Gardener,

Welcome to the forum! We are all still getting used to the new forum, but as far as I can see, if you want to reply to two people with one message it might be easier to simply click the Reply button at the end of the thread and tag them like this: @Singing_Gardener or not tag them at all. They both should be able to see your reply.

Best wishes,
Mara - Moderation Team

Thanks Mara. I don’t really understand tagging so I’ll probably go with the 2nd option!