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what to do next my company who i have worked for 13 years are being totally unreasonable about my situation i was dx 3 years ago with parkinsons and i told both directors about my parkinsons straight away in the last 9 months my condition has rapidly deteriorated to the extent my med add up to 17 tabs a day the company has 25 employee's and 2 directors we are an engineering firm dealing with aircraft and automoblie industry when i first dx 3 years ago the directors said nothing since about march this year there have been quite a few incidents like stopping me using stacker truck using the company car without a risk assessment then in may it came to very tense atmosphere after returning to work after sickness i asked for a 3 day week this totally changed their attitude towards me bullying harrsement unreasonable behaviour in my opinion i wont go into the fine details but everything wrote down and logged i have spoken to ehrc which i have a ref no parkinsons society acas proability who were very good dea job centre disability law service they all say keep writing everything down i have been on the sick for 12 weeks now the final straw being no holiday pay over christmas ask will they buy them back which is in the power of the directors its in my contract they have said no another letter to write getting no where fast what do i do next this is just a brief outline but it making me ill

Dear Daz.

Poor you. An intolerable situation. Do you think you are now so ill you won't be able to return to work or that the stress of the harassment is exacerbating your condition preventing you from doing so?

Could it be that they are trying to make you resign? As the agencies you refer to appear to be sitting on the fence, might it be time to seek professional advice? Not easy if you can't afford it I know, but you do need help and asap.

Kind regards

dear jc

thanks for the answer i probably thought that all i can do
its like your fighting a losing battle all the time i didn't ask for pd
life like a pack of cards some days you have a good hand other days you have a bad hand
but it wont beat me
cheers daz
Hi Daz, Something similiar happened to me, 3 years ago, at the time I lived and worked on the Isle of Man, who of course are not part of the UK, so different laws ect, in particular no Disability Act!

I was a social worker and I worked for a small company that are in the business of providing a 'human service' to the public. I cant say the name ect for legal reasons, however it is backed by the church and we were overseen by a 'commitee' of business people who all had some interest in services 'for children'.

My manager tried everything to make my life difficult for a long time, I firmly believe that she wanted me to resign, however I didn't and I suffered at her hands for about 12 months, so I understand just how you feel. I even challanged her on a ffew occassions but each time she denied that she was behaving diffferently toward me than my other 2 social work colleagues.

Cutting a long story short...i haad to take a 4 week period off work due to a change of meds. Just as I was due to return she rang me and told me that I was to be suspended, she said that a member of the public had made a complaint that I had breached their confidentiality. Following a farce of an investigation and disciplinary hearing and then an appeal hearing...all heard by the commitee people and the manager heself, I was sacked.

They refused to tell me who had said I had breached confidentiality or when I was supposed to have committed the offence. They said these things were all confidentail!!!!

I took them to a tribunal which found in my favour that I had been unfairly dismissed but I had to pay £12,000 in solicitors fees. As a result we had to return to the UK and my husband also ended up without a job.

My advice to you is keep records of everything and try to have witnesses to any meetings or discussions with management regarding your situation, also if you are in a union, contact them and explain your concerns.

If they really have it in for you things will only get worse and they will cover their backs for sure, to ensure that they don't breach the Disability Act. The act is downloadable so it might be worth you checking that out too.

Good luck with your situation, please keep us informed about how things progress.

hi glenchass
thanks for your reply sorry to hear your about your situation its seems unless we are prepared to pay we only get advice we lose out all round i will keep updating this issue
cheers daz
Hi again Daz

I think Glenchass gave an excellent reply, but in view of her very experience and having been a listener for a medial professional, who was intimidated in the same way and suspected stuff was being stacked against her without foundation, I would strongly advise you to get a solicitors help before your employers manage to possibly fabricate something.

Had my friend done just that, as her instincts told her, prior to the action taken against her, her employers would have been put on guard and halted their actions for sure.
hi daz here
update on my situation 8 stress full months have passed i have an employment tribunal in November still off work with my health and mind at an all time low
had no communication from my employers accept for et forms to fill in from there reps
the last communication was a letter asking for a reduced working week to 3 mornings at 5 hrs which they declined and said the best they can offer 24 hrs over 3 days which is to much no further communication since
keep you posted on the outcome
when I had to retire due to PD, in order that I received a pension at all, I asked my consultant to write a covering letter to add to the file. This certainly helped.
Have you got someone to go to the tribunal with you? This is essential, if you need someone let me know.
Do you have a lawyer who specialises in employment law?
You are completely correct to write everything down: any emails you must also date and hard copy.

I gather that all this is making you even iller. Letter from GP would also help.

It is really rough, keep cheery.

Daz This is becoming a recurring theme on the Forum. I am a retired employment law specialist and am a carer for a PWP. I have given advice to Chad and Schnaffer who are going through similar problems as yourself although within the public sector not private.

The advice you have been given so far is correcr but I would go to the Citizens' Advice Bureau as they are excellent and can put you in touch with silicitors. As a PWP you are likely to be judges as disabled within the meaning of the Equal Rights Act and your employer must comply with thar Act or face the consequencies which can be pretty horrendous for them. You don't actually say what your work is but if after looking at your work your employer perceived that there is a risk in letting you continue, they must make reasonable changes to the work to let you remain in the/a job.

Keep in touch and good luck. The law is on your side.
thanks mrs t and mikey b i have a solicitor though my house insurance i work in the aircraft industry there is other jobs i could do even though we are a small firm 28 but i have never been risk assess because the boss wants to know who paying for it there attitude is i dont make them money anymore
what the possibility getting rid though capabiltly issues

Sorry to hear about your situation. I am having similar experience and it is getting very difficult to cope with at work. Let alone having to deal with PD, but it makes the illness worse when those things are prevalent at work. I notice my symptoms get worse with the level of stress at work.

So much for all the talk for employers to make it a better place to work!

Pleae see the posts under Medical Retirement and Employer Medical Referral there are certainly some good piece of advice there worth reading.