Who should I believe?

Can anyone answer my question......I have started the appeal process and have phoned the DWP twice now to get the assessment rate reinstated.  Both times they  claim that they have not received the paperwork ......

I have been advised  that when I issued my appeal my esa could be reinstated from the date the DWP stopped it.

The DWP are saying that I can only have ESA back dated to the date the appeal was registered, in my case, 2 months after they stopped it and only after they have received legal documents from HMCTS ......which of course  they say they haven't got, despite HMcTS sendin twice

Can anyone tell me how far ESA is back dated to pending appeal

Hi Moon and Stars, 

                               Sorry I don't have answers for you, I am  still waiting on assessment rate 1st payment,which is well overdue. Pleased to see you can actually get through to DWP, all I get is queueing.

  Tomorrow I need to go to Jobcentre  and ask what is happening, possibly have them scan evidence into system, if they can.

  Hope that you get the answers you seek, me, I am losing the will  to live........Colin

Hi Benny-fisfisful ... It usually takes me 20 minutes or more on hold to get to speak to someone at DWP and then I am told different things as per my post 

 I took my documents to the job centre to be scanned as well because the DWP claim they hadnt received the  ones I'd posted to them.  Even then they claim they hadn't received the scanned ones .... it took several phonecalls back and forth to them to finally admit that they had them

check out they have received them if you have them scanned.

Best of luck 

Hi moon and stars, did you have to make an appointment with dwp or just walk inn?

I had to make an appointment, make sure you note the name of the person who you see, as when i phoned to check the DWP had got it, I was told No, , fortunately the man I spoke to was helpful and phoned the job centre and spoke to th lady who had scanned my docs and got it sorted.

Good luck


Evening Moon and Stars,

                                            After our dialogue this morning I managed to get through to DWP at 1st attempt.

    Was told payment authorised, due in tomorrow, must admit I shed a tear of relief. Then  this afternoon post delivered contained a reminder to send in ESA50( was sent on 6th Oct.) proof of post. Will check in the morning before I do anything else.........thanks for your help.........Colin  

That is good news.

 When you go for your health assessment make sure you speak of your worst day and dont be surprised if you get zero points.  I wish I had written out a typical day for the assessor to read as the simple tick box questions they ask do not convey what it is like to have a PD.