Whole body shaking?

Sorry me again! Now this one I dont think is a PD thing but i dont know. A few weeks back it seemed my tremor took over my whole body for about 2 hours, my muscles were all twitching too, my head was nodding about! And then the other night I was woken up by what seemed like a fit, i think i was half asleep cos i dont remember it that well but my hand tremor was bad in the morning and my heart was pounding. i think ive had little sleep fits before but not like this. Any ideas?

Hi Suzi,

Damn you are very pretty , woke me up a treat lol oh now where was i hehe..........about the shakes ?? ........i sometimes shake with my pd but its not a parkies shake its differant. i put it down to not having a certain sugar or vitamin in the body or for example the last few days have been very warm , so ive been wearing shorts around the house and putting on an electric fan to cool me down, hence my legs getting chilly , which starts off my restless legs bit, cant keep still, start shaking, cant keep still, im like an energizer bunny lol,,,,,within an hour or two this gets back to normal ,when i put full trousers on to warm my legs or put a blanket over my legs or getting off my plump derriere lol and go for a little walk *winks*.............as to the sleep fits !!........i have about  twice a year , what i call after googling lol "Grey Fits !!"............they are like a black out but differant, i only seem to pass out for seconds, then feeling a lil strange, noticing that ive wet myself, these happen 2 or 3 times then disappear, doctors and specialists have checked the problem out, without much success, told that its maybe a lack of oxygen in the brain thus causng a seizure, ending in a minor black out or grey out. since ive been drinking Orange juice 2 glasses per day the Grey outs have cut down, so maybe its a blood pressure thing, with the vitamin c in the orange helping .............Im not sure if ive been any help with my post suzy, but ya never know hehehe...........the chat certainly helped me hahaha ........chatting to a very pretty young woman, woke me up a treat !!  *winks*

                                    please take care and be safe  Suzy

                                        Welshbearuk aka Hugh  

                                                     ((hugs)) & Welsh ((cwtchs))  (cwtchs are welsh hugs, warmer lol )

I will try and learn that welsh hugs word! Thanks for your insight, hopefully the neuro will have an idea about this too. I was definately totally conscious when I got the bad shakes a few weeks ago, just couldnt control my whole body but im not sure what happened the other night, if I blacked out or was just sleepy, I just remember shaking all over again. Weird. Being hot makes my tremor worse, I seem ok being cold.


The other mornin as i sat in a chair on the lap top I noticed for the first time I had tremor in my legs and my toes were doing a sideways dance, I also noticed i felt slightly strange as if i was under some sort of strange attack. all over my body.

Yesterday I had a 'Dat scan' it was a long day 12 hr's by the time i got home, i was knackered i hadn't had any of my meds,Anyway when i got home i did some searching on the internet about the 'dat scan',I maybe wrong but one page i read said as i think i understand it was actually the 'study of sugar' in the brain??.

Reading above ^  Posts maybe this has some Connection ? ,Maybe some one  with technical knowledge could tells us?.

Thats interesting sea angler thanks, my tremor does get worse when I feel my blood sugar is low. I hope your feeling back to normal now x


I'm feeling a little better than this time yesterday Thanks !! smile

Oh good :-)

This Nightmare they call Parkinsons, is a true Quiz of the Brain i just wish someone could cure mine and everyone elses Quiz, we will have to get looking for an egghead, a Chaser from the Chase or Mastermind experts maybe we looking in the wrong place hahaha...........ive had this horrible illness for over 22 yeras now and with all the new fundings and experts finding what they think could be the big find !!  the so called experts, specialists, etc etc are nowhere closer than they were 22 yeras ago and that saddens me alot because theres alot of people relying and hoping thats people will cure us once and for all..........im sorry if im a bit downbeat but the truth has got to be said . these guys just cant cut the mustard !!

I guess in a way its good Im usually a bit of a negative person in that Ive never thought 'oh Im sure a cure will be found and Ill be ok' If I can be cured of whatevers wrong with me one day then brilliant, but I dont get my hopes up

Suzy, this strange condition of PD is known to be varied from person to person.  But in this thread, I notice you mentioned getting a worse tremor when warm.  That is the opposite case from most PD patients!  I've often heard pwp complain about the tremor that sets in when they get chilled, never the reverse.  Maybe someone else on the forum can set me straight if I'm mistaken, but I think that's a possible argument against PD in your case.

J  (again . . .)

Ok thanks J, thats interesting =)

But after I posted that, I saw a post by Fed saying that he, too, had a bad tremor in the heat of the gym.  No wonder doctors have trouble diagnosing this crazy disease!  It's so inconsistent!

One of my first symptoms was a full-body tremor in my sleep.  My husband thought I was chilled and put another blanket over me; then I'd wake up in a sweat.  The doctors have all told me that that tremor is counter to what we know of PD tremors, which stop during sleep.  I can't explain it.


Its bizarre isnt it! Thats why im a bit worried the neuro wont try enough to diagnose me with anything because I think some of my symptoms might not fit... I guess we'll see!

Suzy, I’m in the states and google. I found you!
I’ve got Systemic candida infection and have done loads to research.
Recently I downloaded Dr Joseph Mercola’s free eBook on candida. I already knew their was a connection between candida and Parkinson’s disease thru my research, but he confirmed it again.
I’ve been to a naturopathic doctor and am all organic on a candida diet. I take natural antifungals. Its made a huge difference in my health.
I’ve sent a message to our beloved Michael J Fox also, but he has a team of western doctors who have just sucked away millions of dollars with no western cure. I’m not surprised at all.
I hope this helps all that read it. Peace , love and healing X