After a bit of a crash the other day I got new brake pads but I was finding it hard work cycling and hoped it was the pads not me getting slower. So back for a tweak at the bike shop followed by a mortifying squeak all the way home as I tried to chill with an ice-cream.

Long story short I wandered down to the recumbent place to see what they had and ended up relieving them of an ex-display Hase Lepus. Not electric assist and not with suspension but he thinks there’s enough gears for me to get up Crystal Palace Hill.

It also has an adjustable seat which I like. I can sit more upright which is more comfortable so my neck doesn’t jerk back so much (I haVE retrocolis- tardive dystonia). I have been enjoying walking in the sunshine with my walker but some days it is so slow and my right arm & wrist have been a bit uncomfortable trying to keep hold of the walker handle. I don’t know why but my arm has been turning in a lot (taRDive dystonia – arm inversion) and aggravating my sore (& stiff) wrist.

Sorted out a pannier that clips easily on & off the back of the seat so I don’t haVE TO have a shoulder bag sitting in my lap & I won’t have to rely on the walker to get my shopping.

ALL I need now is a sound system…I used to always listen to music when I went out on my bike but as my head shook more & more the earpieces kept falling out.

This looks like the Lepus. heaVIER THAn my old Kettwiesel but I think the gears will make up for that. Feels much more solid. The steering on the old one has felt a bit rickety since an earlier crash…Unfortunately I don’t live in the countryside like the lady in the video below but I certainly appreciate the reduced no. of cars in my local area since Covid. It is quite hazardous cycling with blepharospasm (eyelid dystonia) & I certainly don’t want to be wrecking my new ride.

Hi @Appletree

Thank you for sharing your story, you sound very positive and I hope you enjoy your new ride.

Take care


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