Why delay DBS?

A question that has occurred to me the world.

It seems to me but that DBS is pretty good at reducing shaking, Dystonia and imporving posture . 

... It also seems to be reasonably discreet operation like a pacemaker in the heart i.e. : it is simple and almost always successful I think .

But I get the impression that you only get the operation if your Parkinson's disease is advanced .  it would seem to me that if the benefits are  good ( and they seem to be I think ) then it would be advantageous to have the operation earlier rather than later and thus enjoy better health for a longer period .  for example I am nearly 60 and if I had the operation now the next  10 years would be better quality-of-life ...whereas if I wait till I am 65 I spend the next five years not enjoying the benefits of dbs.


 does my logic make sense or am I missing the point ?





I have been lucky enough to have been offered DBS, which is happening this month. I am 61 and have had PD for 11 years. I am not in the advanced stages by any means, but my Neurologist thinks DBS can help me have a better quality of life. Although I am very aprehensive I feel I must take advantage of this opportunity and consider myself extremely fortunate to be given this chance.


Good luck with that.  It sounds like a no-brainer (if u pardon the pun) !

Serioulsy tho' I think its a good idea if a lil scary .

Keep us utdate on what happens plse .


Andy /Ojala

Andy - very good, very funny !.

Thanks , I will let you know how I get on.



How r u getting on with your DBS. 

Have you had the procedure yet ?

Hope all is well


Hi Andy,Unfortunately not. It has been cancelled 3 times because there were no beds available. Then I had a problem with one of my eyes and without waiting to see what the outcome of my visit to the eye emergency clinic found , the op was put back to 11th December. The eye clinic said that the op could go ahead but they would not give me an earlier date. I have refused the 11th December for personal reasons and so I do not have any idea when this will now happen .This bed problem seems very common , I met several people who are having their ops cancelled for the same reason.

I will let you know when I hear any news.



They have done more research on dbs & say it is benifical to people in early stages !  tap on research top page scroll down ,good luck angel where you having opp too,can take a while to get balance right ie dbs,meds so dont get upset ,took me about 1yr 5months but so  glad i had it done.

tap research srcoll down,click more reseach news page2