Why Do I Feel So Sad?

I seem to feel so sad these days, and I get scared, for no apparent reason. And I am ashamed to say, I even cry. I never used to worry about anything. There is nothing in my life that I need to be feeling so bad about.I don't have any particular problems. I have a great husband who takes care of me. But recently I have noticed the symptoms more than I used to, and I accept they are getting more severe. I don't handle the money side of things now, my decision I handed it over to my husband.But we still discuss everything like we always did. I fall more, and I swear ,which is something I never used to do. I guess I simply do not understand things the way I used to. I am a very intelligent person and have I have always been able to make my own decisions....But now I am not sure about anything, except the love and the way MR BA always makes sure I am safe and well.
My partner has Parkinson's and some days he is happy other days I have to just leave him to it. Its okay to have one of those days where you feel sad. Best thing is you are talking about and not hiding how you are feeling. x
Happier now, thanks .for answering. It just goes to show that how ever long one has had Parkinsons there is always t least one day when you really cannot work things out. I have had Parkinsons nigh on 40 years. Thankyou for being so kind.We all need someone sometimes.
Hi Blue Angel i think we all have bad days i know i do , but it is nice to know other people feel the same sometimes ,Take Care. Chris
From one angel to another, I have exactly the same thing happen to me. The most smallest thing some days will set me weeping, at things I would never have cried about before, and then some days I feel really great. Its nice to know that someone understands our mood swings and loves us regardless. Also like you I find myself swearing a lot more, cursing Mr PD happens a lot.
Hi Blue Angel, I have had Parkinson's for just over 30 years now and I feel very similar to you. I think a lot is to do with general weariness with coping with PD, as well as advancing disease. We need dopamine to function physically, mentally and emotionally and personally finding the right balance for all three with meds is getting more and more difficult. I don't really have anything to complain about either generally, however, sadness is becoming more common-place for me too. Love Sally xxxx
At last, I was beginning to think I was the only person who had been stricken with pd for such a long time. If it's ok I would like to chat with you from time to time. i have to see my Parkinsons nurse next week to change my meds slightly yet again. thank you for posting for me. love Ba x
I was diagnosed last year at the age of 41
I also at times get so sad I could simply end it right there, the simple thing to stop me is my young son and indeed by stubbornness to stop this disease from beating me.
When sadness or depression kicks in I try something new at the moment it's going to Skegvegas(Skegness) sea fishing the early mornings help with the sleeplessness and it such a sense of healthiness with the sea air etc

Oh I forgot talk to people you think at times you are the only one!

There are thousands more like us!
I seem to have become an emotional wreck lately! The slightest thing can trigger off the tears. I've found that talking my fears through and not dwelling on them really helps. I am convinced that PD heightens your emotional state!
hi blue angel

you have described exactly how i feel everyday some days are better than others the worst days are when i get this feeling of my stomach churning as though something bad is going to happen but i can cry at the drop of a hat although i have had pd 10yrs its the last 12 months that i have started to feel like this dont know if its the pd or my meds i hope things might improve at some point.sue.
Hello all you emotional people! I thought it was just me.... I get upset and tearful on a regular basis now and it's reassuring to know that it is something we all seem to have to deal with because of our condition. I to am very lucky that my partner and family are very supportive. I have only been diagnosed for two years so I can't imagine what it's like to have had pd for 30 years!!! I find it exhausting now but it does give me hope that I can live with this awful disease and the future does not seem so bleak so thank you .

My Parkinsons nurse and my GP both said that anxiety and depression could well be caused by the lack of dopamine and gave me anti-depressants - low dose Citalopram - which has helped with the anxiety and improved my mood. Don't try to be strong like I did for 3 years - its a waste of your life.
Hello Blue Angel, please accept my apologies for not updating you on your Spitfire
Repairs to my work shop have only just got underway and as soon as possible production will resume,I hope this makes you feel happier . It has taken from
January to sort out ,a new bridge over the Severn Estuary would take less time
Blue Angel,
Select a track of emotional music (from youtube) then sit alone in the house and play the track several times over while allowing yourself to cry uncontrollably.
You will find this gives great emotional release, will cleanse your eyes and soul and after you will feel relieved.
PD makes us cry for no valid reason, so learn to go with the flow of tears and do not resist the emotion.
I suggest you start by playing tracks by Adele.
Best Wishes,
I used to be indecisive.
Now I am not so sure.