Why don't the drugs help stiff fingers?


I take sinemet, amantadine and premipaxole.
They help in lots of areas like stiffness in my face but don’t help the stiffness in my fingers at all.
It’s annoying when I try to play the piano.
On the other hand the drugs have improved my handwriting.
Anyone else have the same issue?


Hello VW there are finger stretching exercises that they use to help stiff fingers. I do not know your age or occupation or former occupation.
But in some cases PD isn’t the main problem of a stiff joint.
All I an can speak is in my case I do have stiff hands and I am 64. I boxed and played many sports that put allot of stress on my hands. I worked as a machinist for over 35 years. Also hard on my hands.
With that being said with Parkinson’s the longer you have it it progresses. Part of fighting the disease is exercise and stretch. Before I exercise I stretch all my limbs and make sure my hands are included.
You can give the hand workout a try. I am no doctor. IT never hurts to have them take a look. Tom

Hi Tom
Thanks for your reply.
I’m a librarian, I’m 43, diagnosed just over a year ago.
Yes I think some exercises are the way to go. I have asked the pd nurse for advice.

V let us know what the pd nurse advises. From listening to your UK doctors on youtube. I have found that hearing other countries research as well as the USA is very informative. If you dig into all the research about our disease. Parkinson’s has so many subtypes and effected areas. It is like the common cold. Finding a cure is not going to be easy. Sad part once we have it never goes away on it’s own.

The one way to live with parkinson’s disease is to adapt. Tom