Why not give it a try

Wellbeing covers all manner of things but I am using the forum today to highlight the creative corner on this forum and to encourage more users to post to it. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who write to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings - good and bad - and ask you to consider posting. It may seem daunting and does take a bit of nerve to take that first step to share something that is inherently personal but the emphasis is on support not criticism. Posting a verse (it doesn’t have to rhyme) or writing can be a tremendous release for any difficult times and double the pleasure at good times, which is surely the underpinning premise of wellbeing. More to the point your words may resonate with others and contribute to their wellbeing. We would love to see more people having a go or making comment, it would make for greater diversity which can only be a good thing. So whether you are a prolific secret writer or nervous first timer please take a look at the creative corner and share your writing. Look forward to seeing you in the creative corner

Me too. Please come.

Be it good or be it bad
Be it happy or be it sad
Be it rhyme or be it not
Please come visit the corner
And share your thoughts.
As Tot says, just pass by
Why not give it a try.

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Poet I am not
Nor anything much else for that matter
But putting thoughts into words
And some kind of order
Makes them seem more manageable
Less crazy
If Lennon can rite
A Spaniard in the works
Then hoo am ewe
To say this is knot a poem
At 5 ay em
When decent people are asleep
And only us crazy folk
Are fighting to stay asleep
But losing the battel

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Just the ticket Pippa, would you consider posting to the creative corner? Thanks whatever you decide for taking the time to respond

Hi @Tot, :wave:

I couldn’t agree with you more. I am constantly inspired by the poetry in the creative corner and I’m always raving about it to the wider charity. Well done for calling on more people to give it a try, I hope this will encourage more members to take the plunge so we can have more creative diversity.

Thanks for being such a great ambassador for the forum…and you too @ElleMac! :relaxed:

Best wishes,