Hi all.

i understand why I have co-ordination problems and why I have to remember to swallow regularly or I tend to dribble. I understand why my arm insists on refusing to swing when I'm out walking? I understand about the brain messages getting lost due to dopamines or whatever, but why pain?

why do I get night cramps, why is my shoulder so painful, why is my scalp so prone to itching and flaking? What has any of that got do with brain input?

keep happy


Hi Banjo

Ah, the answers lie in this 'ere website, somewhere or other. For instance this booklet http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/muscle-cramps-and-dystonia-information-sheet should answer your question about night cramps, and if you search you're bound to find a whole heap more about painful shoulders & itchy scalps.

Me, when I leap out of bed in anguish and try to stretch out my calf muscle the last question on my mind is Why? It's usually How? can i get rid of this excrutiating pain? (followed by What? is the best way to howl silently so's i don't wake my partner)



Hi Semele,

many thanks for that. I had a good read and find it all a bit of bugger ( if you'll excuse my French). I take Meds to control things and end up with different problems due to the Meds. You gotta laugh.

all the best


You most certainly do.

S (ho, ho, ho)

Thanks, that dystonia leaflet was interesting, I wonder exactly what causes mine...


  Hello Suzy,Semele, and Banjo,you are most certainly correct Banjo when you say youve got to laugh, we humans have many emotions, sad bad glad happy crappy friendly warm distant cold, and we can manufacture in our minds this strange and powerful reaction to something we find funny, or if you go for  Hilarious mode, Hyperfunny, now  I am going to tell you something that occured this morning, and just thinking about it is starting me off, In the TV and Movies world its called corpsing,to me it was just so funny, but to you it probably wont even raise a smile, well it was a typical morning  for me  I used superhuman strength just to get to the loo then onto the stair lift,,yes ive got one of those,,,then with great difficulty managing to struggle to the "cooch" and  flop down exhausted,totaly drained of every last atom of strength, my Lady prepared Ddopa for me and had just connected it when she said ( upon noticing the bright reflected sunlight, note that word reflected) she said oh  that suns bright its never shone from that direction before, I muttered  " Its  a reflection " in my maximum grumpy irritation with attitude style, then I began to think about what she had just said, and it dawned, she actually thought,, Im  sorry I will have to pause a while,,,,,so ,,,,,,,she actually thought our nearest STAR  was shining down on our planet from a different direction, or perhaps during the night the Earth had tilted sideways, who knows, perhaps Mars had departed its orbit round the sun and collided with our planet,  NAh  I think I WOULD HAVE HEARD THAT, these thoughts perculating through my 6 brain cells at 8am  shoul have sparked ALARM ALARM, DANGER? but no, I started laughing , it was the funniest funniest thing she has ever said to me I thought I would die laughing it was both my wifes mistaken belief that the impossible had occured , and my grumpy retort  the words sounded so hilariously hilarious, it was 15 mins before it was out of my system,,,,,There I TOLD YOU you woudnt think it was funny, but I did.

                                                   Best wishes  Fed