Wide fitting boots

I wonder if anyone knows of a website or shop where I can buy wide fitting waterproof boots? 

My PD is causing my toes to curl and I also have bunions on both feet, plus I have always had wide feet. I now need 6E or 8E fitting.  As I walk in the country a lot, I need some boots that are waterproof.  Wellies are just uncomfortable and narrow, and most hiking boots dont come in widths.

Have tried loads of websites, sports shoe shops, Brantano, Go Outdoors and still no luck.

Shoes are a nightmare to buy, but I generally get there eventually - boots are proving impossible.



Have you considered a army surplus shop?. Could be another avenue, I came across this one the other day, he was friendly & helpful, & had stock no one else had, dealing with boots he might know? he's been in the trade since the 70's, more than someone at go outdoors or sports direct.

David is the chaps name & there's a number at the bottom of the page, no harm in trying for Advice.



Try a shop for horse riders and farmers. They usually carry a good stock of wider fittings for men.

Thanks for the suggestions - will try them out.   Feet getting distinctly wet at the moment!