Wierd episodes

Hi, I'm new to the forum but would like to know if anyone can tell me if what my father is experiencing is likely to be part of his Parkinsons or something totally unrelated. He has had PD for about 20 years, is now 86 and is in a care Home. He has had some very confused moments and talks a load of rubbish sometimes and quite often the GP has put this down to a water infection. He is now incontinent and it is difficult to get a water sample to confirm these episodes now but more worryingly he has started having episodes where he's just "not there". I haven't experienced them as I don't live near my dad which makes it more difficult but apparently his head falls back, his eyes roll back and he sweats. there is nothing anyone can do to bring him out of it. He was taken to A&E the first few times but all tests were clear! However, although these episodes were now and then, just recently they are more frequent. On Sunday he had 4 episodes and on Monday a further 3, 1 of which lasted 25 mins - the GP was called and again the response was "we'll do blood tests and an ECG" He then had 1 on Tuesday morning which prevented him from going to his Urology appointment where he was supposed to be having test to see why his bladder isn't emptying. Can anyone throw any light on the subject for me please?

Hello Jaz,

It seems that your dad is having some serious problems, perhaps because of his age, the only time my husband had a similar problem was when he was in hospital and he went quite floppy, he could hear us but not respond. His Blood pressure was 70/40 and his temp would change quickly, I was told this was because his autonomic system was failing and in fact that he may perhaps live about 1 year or so. That was almost five years ago but he is only 68years old and has seemed to recovered from that situation, however he did have an episode last week when I visited him in the nursing home and they didn't know what was wrong until I said we need to get him on the bed with his feet up, he hasn't had once since as far as I know.
Perhaps the doctor thinks that it would be too much for him to go through a lot of tests or maybe you need to ask him to be honest with you about your dad's condition, whichever I wish you all the best.

Thanks Vivien. My dad does seem to have a problem with his blood pressure and the first time he had one of these episodes and was kept in hospital for tests his blood pressure was all over the place. Up at 200+/160 or something then down at 70/whatever so I think it could be a blood pressure problem. He is on blood pressure tablets as he has always had high blood pressure but he now seems to be having extremes and they don't seem to be able to sort it out. I think you are right that sometimes age plays a part and it isn't always helpful to put an elderly person through lots of tests. Thanks for your reply and comments.