Wii -hab

I was diagnosed with PD over 5 years ago.
I have been using exercise to help my general health.
Then along came Wii and use the fitness disc every morning it
doesn`t matter what the scores are as long as I get the exercise.
Mentally and physically.
I play 2-3 games of ten pin bowling
Then 2-3 games of tennis
then the shooting game in Wii sports.
In fact the shooting is helped by pulling the trigger.
My Wife says my general body attitude is helped by
doing this every day,
I do hope that this will help others.all the best Malcolm Camplin
yeah i used to go on me wii,u get exercise and fun at same time,i been to ill to go on it latley ,but i will get there and be back too it again soon,u can do things when u in a wheelchair as well,and sitting down on the seatee.
A great invention Wii especially slalom skiing since I cannot do the real thing
just got one...officially for my son but in reality for me too.

have really enjoyed it.....mind you did the yoga stretches but couldnt move the next day

really helping doing a little bit every day
sounds great i must get a wii forgive me but where do i find one sounds the sort of thing i could use and have fun.................................................happy
You can get a WII and them the sports pacakage- called WII fit with balance board from most shops argos etc or look at amazon on line

try a serach on google/yahoo to find best prices.....good luck
Yes, I can`t recommend the Wii enough, it`s really helped with my rigidity and depression.
Along with the Wii Fit Plus and balance board package, I also bought Wii Big Brain Academy, it`s great fun and helps keep me mentally fit.
I think it`s just as important to " exercise those little grey cells" as Poirot used to say.