Please can anyone advise me if the Wii Fit Plus Game is any good, have the Wii Fit and Balance board, but to be honest grown bored of these and looking for new challanges.

Need something to help with the locking and dragging of my leg and someone, suggested the Wii fit games would be good, any advice wlelcomed.
Thanks Jenny
Hi Jenny,

I have a wii fit with the balance board and do 30 minutes of exercise a day. I like the step aerobics and the bubble (balancing game).

My PD nurse recommended it to me to help with my fitness and balance.

Too early to tell if it is working yet but will let you know. Perhaps we should have a competition on it?

I go on my wii fit every day for 30 minutes or more. I concentrate on the balance and flexibility exercises and then afterwards use wii sports - especially tennis. I feel really sure it's making a difference for me. Finding time to do it can be a real pain but I find the time, even if it means getting up earlier at weekends, because I can feel the difference. To be honest it makes me feel more positive too as I feel I am doing something to help myself. Mind you, the juggling is sometimes beyond me!
Hi Jenny
Have had wii fit plus for quite a while and think it is well worth getting. You can set up an exercise programme with aerobic and yoga exercises and there is a new training section with exercises that are both fun and good for balance etc... You can fly like a bird which is hilarious.
Go for it!!
Best wishes
Hi , also 40 and love to use the wii ,addicted to the just dance which is so much fun especially if you have more than 1 joining you , i tend to do balance etc on wii board then dance , no need for board just to have fun and keep co-ordination and movement going , good luck xx
Hi Jen, I have been using the wii fit for about 2 years and find it very helpful, I mainly use wii fit plus exercise routine and balance games, you can tell if you are improving with your scores, I feel it assists my balance and reactions and I still ski and play golf. I recently purchased wii fit 2 which gives you a good workout in about 35 min. recommends 4 times a week, it certainly does you no harm. My only failure is Ferrari challenge, my daughter says its more like a stock car race and refuses to put me on her insurance for her sports car, still you cannot win them all.
good luck Vince