Willams s parkinsons

hi ive just become a new member im 48 and diognosed with parkinsons about 8yrs ago i started having problems a good few yrs before being diagnosed with p d i was having tests for another disease when igot the all clear that was end that but p d wasnt picked up at this time until a few yrs later when i had medical at work for the local authority i was sent to a neuroligists where i was told i got parkinsons im a fairly strong character and didnt go to pieces my take on it was ive probably had p d for some years without knowing it im still the same person then as i am now i'll face it head on which ive done and deal with what comes my way and adapt over the yrs ive had my fair share of problems and how ever un pleasent its been i still try and be positive im lucky that ive got a good mrs thats stood by me and has some good advice which is great help.ive never met anyone or spoken to anyone with parkinsons ive also found the hospital and the neuroligist treat you like a number than a person they just dont seem to have any time for you ive also noticed a lot of people have little understanding and ignorance towards people with parkinsons which is a real shame im looking forward to hear how other people with p d are dealing with this and corrosponding with them.

hello william s
and welcome to the forum. its 3.30 here in australia and i should be asleep so just a quick note to say hello.

3.30 am of course
ps agree with all your points!

hiya william,im ali,i been dx for 12 years this november,im 43 years old:smile:,this forum is a great one,has a lot of information,and good mates to be made.as you may no it has a exerlent helpline,and web site to.they give surport to every one:smile:its great you have a positive attituede william,keep it going,hope to see more of you around the forum,take care x:smile:

Hello willams s , lots of ppl here with pd and carers for ppls with pd, lots of ppl to talk with and to get support from , pd is normal and every day on this blog love Sunray

Hi William,

I am 43 and DX'd in June this year - it was a shock at first and I am still trying to find the right dosage of medication for me (currently 2 mg of Ropinirole) but the biggest help so far has been the support of other PWP that I have met, particularly at my local Working Age PD group.


Phil B