My wife received a letter by post from Parkinson's UK today basically wanting her to leave Parkinson's UK some money in her will. 

The letter was 3 pages long and in those 3 pages the term will or wills was used 12 times and on the last page will or wills was used a total of 8 times. Is this a bit excessive with only one to loved ones left behind. After watching the programme on Channel 4 last night about charity call centres are we now going to get more heavy handed fund raising tactics from more charities. 


I'm sure it was more an information type letter, rather than directly asking, or maybe asking your wife to consider making provision for a gift to PUK in her will. I am assuming that your wife is a member of PUK and therefore that this was not unsolicited mail.

If they don't ask, they don't get. We have already done this and our daughter has today posted off asking for information regarding a legacy in her will.

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