Wired feelins from groin down wards

im wonderin if anyone can help me out here,ino this is goin to sound wired but it wot happened ive bin awake alot agin in the nite which i usually am with pains in my legs,and rls drivin me nuts,but this mornin was quite different feelins,from my groins down ,i felt like ihad no legs,and ino that sounds wired ok ,but now im up and about and had meds i still got a funny feelin ,but o gosh i carnt explain to u ,just please if anyone has this prob ,with either pd or back spine probs please please let me no ,it worrin me:confused:
Ali if it is worrying you, you may need to call in your GP. He/she might be able to tell you what it is and why and ease your mind.

Radz xx
Hello Ali

I get weird feelings in my legs at night. They are either painful or I feel disconnected and feel they aren't mine. Thankfully my 'groins' still feel ok.

But, all in all, the feelings goes during the first few hours.

I get dreadful dreams and pain when I first awake, from about 4 am. Do you?

Best Wishes

Hi Everyone,

Not been on the site for a good while but do have a look to see what's going on.

Bill has this problem with his legs and has had it for a long time.

He always say,s his legs have gone to sleep. It happens around five pm most days.

We now now it,s not just him but happens to others.

So he isn't going round the bend, Nice to know.

it not nerves cus it a different feelin ,i suffer from sactica in me legs nerves comin from flimin rottern spine,this is like dead legs ,but not numb ,just felt they had gone,it so difficult to expalin it all:rolling_eyes:i do have bad dreams but usally in middle of the nite,meds can this effect on u ,me neuro told me this,it think this is all pd realated ,i got a app on weds ,i called today to get in and they said it not emerncy so it next week app:rolling_eyes:in the mean time i suffer:disappointed: