Words at midnight

I write my feelings down. It helps me come to terms with myself the world and Parkinson’s. Does anyone else feel like this. The time I do it most is midnight and the form is a type of poetry about all sorts of worrying topics.

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Have a look in the creative section Ema, That is where the midnight scribblers lurk.

I would echo Mosie, it is the creative corner so write what you wish, it doesn’t have to be poetry nor does it have to rhyme or be technically correct or anything other than what you want to say. I hope you will give it a go and by the way, I totally agree that writing helps in all sorts of ways.
Best wishes

Thanks I will do a bit of lurking with those awake in the night.

Hi @Ema and welcome to the forums. We have many members that use their creativity therapeutically to manage their Parkinson’s and share their experiences on the forum. Do head over to the Creative Corner for inspiration.

Remember our Helpline and Local Adviser service are also available if you need practical and emotional support too.

Warm regards,

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See you there sometime!

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How can I post a poem

Scroll down to the last poem or alternatively one you are drawn too, click on the reply box and start typing in the usual way. If you have it written elsewhere you can copy and paste

Look forward to seeing you in creative corner. You will find everyone just now under “ July2020 “. See you there. EM

Only tried the forum lately so a bit of a learning curve. Will persevere as have been diagnosed with PD since 2009 and my life has changed but not all negative. I have met new friends and been impressed by how fellow sufferers cope and get on with life. Have also found that putting my worries and fears on paper makes them less frightening. EMA

Hi Ema.
It is midnight, so if you are about,why not head to creative corner, July 2020,and do some writing. I might go later,or I might go to sleep, but will be about some time tomorrow.Perhaps you will have posted a poem or whatever you feel like. Enjoy. EM