Work affected for first time


upto now ive managed to continue working as a nurse with very few problems. although ive been very tired at times ive managed to work round it and cope. that is till  last few days when i have struggled with the physical side of the job  and its hit me with a sledge hammer that i might not just be able to carry on . was coping fine with diagnosis but today im not ...



Hi Kitten3

Sorry to hear that you've been struggling at work. There are others on the forum who have experience in having Parkinson's while at work. I'm sure they'll be by soon to offer support. 

In the meantime, if you need someone to talk to about this, try calling our Helpline at 0808 800 0303. 


Hi Kitten


I have been dx for five years now and have continued to work full time throughout. Not even one day off through illness. Now though, like you I find myself struggling more and more with tiredness.

I have also found that my meds are wearing off about half an hour before the next is due and I'm not due to see my neurologist till August.

I really want to keep working as I love my job and I value my independence. I also earn a lot and don't want to be a 'kept woman', having to ask my husband when I need something.

I am also aware that if I reduce my working hours it will affect my pension and as my husband won't have much of a pension, we will need it.

 hi carolineb211

you've described me exactly ...even down to the tablets wearing off half hour before next due.ive also looked into dropping my hours and found that it affects pension.and as im by myself amount of pension is crucial.

a colleague commented on how well i was looking and glad to see all my symptoms were being controlled..yes tremor and limp ok majority of time but the non motor symptoms  seem to be my problem at mo constipation ,dry eye and tiredness . its amazing how well you can look on 3 hrs sleep!

I know what you mean about tiredness, I have been dx just over a year and in the beginning meds worked fine but the last few months i am glad i work from home and self employed as if i worked for someone else if would be taking an even bigger strain. Tiredness is the biggest issue, somedays i cant sleep till 2 or 3 am then up wide awake at 5.30 this can go on for weeks then all of a sudden get days where i sleep throuhh from 10 till 7. No matter how much sleep i get body just wants to shut down and litteraly feel as though cant move and i just crash out wherever i am. Have also recently started to feel faint for no apparent reason.

My wife was a nurse she worked 18 hours a week in our local Hospice and loved her job but the fatigue and balance and slurred speech got worse and she took ill health retirement. Also Sytra feeling faint could be low blood pressure.