Work Capability Hearing

Hi all, I would appreciate any advice on the following please.

Am 53, diagnosed with PD 2 years ago. Work for Prison Service.Carried on working after diagnosis until last 6 months been long term sick. Referred to ATOS who reckons am not fit for work and to be considered for ill health retirement. Capita thinks I am fit for work and refused medical retirement. Am due a capability hearing at end of month and looking at possible dismissal on grounds of medical ineffciency. My doctor and consultant surprised by the decision of capita finding me fit for work!

Any advice anyone can offer please. thank you.
There is a lot of advice on another forum.
basically, it says that you should get advice from your TRADE UNION from PARKINSONS UK, and from the anti discrimination act.
Sorry to hear this, I was recently dismissed (NHS) but as no pension involved fairly painless. However, my husband was a Gov in PS until he retired last year and he said that Capita who are the final decision makers in the ill health retirement question usually fall into the 'can work again' camp as that is what NOMS pay them for. He said you should appeal and that you require definate 'cant work for anyone' letter from your consultant to assist the process. The local Governor will be making the decision on behalf of the PS so you need your union rep to delay until you can get the further information from the consultant although the Gov is not under any pressure to delay!! All in all you will still have the abillity to appeal to Area Manager and if he 'rubber stamps' the Gov's decision then the Civil Service appeals Board are usually fair arbitrators of the deisions. (Husband typed this!!) Good luck