Work or sick pay

I need some advice please. My husband has been diagnosed in jan at 44. He works as cleaner for 40 hrs weekly. He told his boss he wants to return to work and asked for occupational health. He is now in a state and not ready by all means to set a return date yet . Has sick pay entitlements . Don’t know what advice anymore if best to remain in sick leave longer or ask for phased return knowing that he won’t be able to do full hrs. What would you do?

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Hi @Rubirt
I’m in the same boat. Husband 44 diagnosed and off work since October. Itching to go back but in denial about his health. He’s like bambi on ice. Not steady at all. He had a meeting with employers today and they’ve been very understanding and will do everything to help but he’s not ready for even reduced hours or a phased return. His anxiety is through the roof. He reduced his hours prior to diagnosis due to feeling so rotten so wasn’t working anywhere near as many hours as your husband but I feel even if he returned for half a day at present I would be worried about him. It’s really difficult to weigh up. How is your husband? Has he started any medication?

Hi both, my dad has parkinson and just saw this thread… I work in occupational health i think its really good that your husband requested occupational health support. They will be able to speak to your husband his current symptoms, level of function, his role and responsibilities and advise on his fitness to work so his health is not compromised and also it may prompt him to consider how he wants to move forward. They may suggest part time hours for the foreseeable future, or advise to see a occupational health physician to assess for ill health retirement, or adjustments to his role etc

My husband started medication on diagnosis in jan 2020 4 sinamet a day and 1 roprinal is your hubby ok meds?

Hi sorry l have not responded earlier thinks have changed since March. My
Hubby went back on phases return for 4 hrs one week then 6 hrs and started feeling unwell . Employer advised to go off sick if he wants to start groves for early retirement for ill health as he has to be 12 months off before considered, ?? Any experience ? He has led for occupational health referral they are not very keen as would like him just to cut his hrs will will affect his pension and leave him with no money really.