Work suggestion


If like me you still have to work you may find setting up a simple business could suit you, engraving is something that most of us can still do as you sit by a computer setting out a design before pushing start. Interested to know more than let me know.


Hi jaluky
I was a taxi driver before I was diagnosed with PD and because of it I have last my driving license at the moment my PD nurse says I’m not fit for work but I’d like to get back to work tho when I can do you any ideas


Hi Onlyone, I can still use a computer and an engraving machine is just like a printer except it scratches rather than print. Pet tags, electrical sockets and kitchen door handles are just a few markets to contact. Message me for pics and further details if you are interested.


I `m 64 with very mild Parkinson and would like to take up some form of voluntary work. Any suggestions?


Hi jjaluky
I would be very great full for any help you can give thank you



Hi Lee, where about do you live?


Hi, I would suggest that your local support group would jump at the chance of having you on board, your experiences are invaluable to those just joining our club. Details are on the site to find your nearest group…Good luck


Hi Jaluky
Hope you are well I live in Ashford Kent