Hi hope someone can help. I am looking to work PT just a few hours a week when i get my medication right and i am more confident. Do I put on my cv i have parkinsons i would like to work in a charity doing admin. I quit my job 3 yrs ago as i was not enjoying it and did not like working from home. I am in my early 60s thank you

Hi Caz. Reference the CV, I would say no, don’t put it on there. You are not obliged to divulge any medical history unless a potential employer asks for it. Usually at this point, you’ve probably been offered the job, and may be required to complete a medical questionnaire.
It is illegal to discriminate against many things as you know including people with illness/disabilities, however I suspect it happens more often than we realise. Don’t provide any potential employer with the opportunity to do so.
Hope this helps and good luck.