Working Abroad


I have in the last 6 months been diagnosed with PD…this as we all know is a huge shock and very frightening,

My employment is as a sales manager and my days are split between working from home or visiting my customers overseas. I travel a lot.

Last week I returned from a 2 week trip to St Louis where we have our Annual Sales Meeting. TBH, it has taken me almost a week to fully recover…

Some tips that are getting me through:

  • Buy Fast Track Security ticket, especially in the school holidays

  • Speedy boarding means more time for stowing luggage and getting more comfotable

  • Consider and automatic hire car

  • Dress sensibly, I have some Velcro boots, very easy where footwear are removed at security

  • Leave plenty of time and take your time, let the journey pull you through, don’t force it

  • Take plenty of water

  • At the hotel, don’t accept “any” room, request a room closer to where you need to be

  • There are V economical airport hotel/parking deals. Drive the day before and relax

  • Ask for help, 95% of people will be happy to assist (restores my faith in people so often)

  • When I have important presentations I take Betablockers…works for me

  • Wear thin layers, it’s easier to control your temperature during the trip

  • Take extra care on escalators/ travellators, they can stop suddenly

  • Enjoy the trip if you can, it’s much easier

If anyone has any further tips, please add…I intend to keep travelling as long as I can.

Have fun,