Working age group - movement to music

Hi All,
I am part of the Wandsworth management committee for PD.
We are looking to set up a group for working age people with PD.
It is all the rage at present!!!
I have spoken to the two instructors today and have taken part in some of the movements/exercises nd have found it hard going and I am not a pd sufferer.
They guarantee core body stability/heightened balance/movement in walking etc...
They feel they can up the tempo as you will be of working age group.
You can do as much or as little as you want.
They feel a pilot of three sessions -early evening midweek evening.
They will take place in Wandsworth (earlsfield).
If you know any-one who would be interested or yourself please leave a message on the forum or send me an email.
Many thanks
These initiatives are great !
If anyone has the opportunity, go and try.
I've been going to a similar group in Dorset for about 10 months now. We have fun and stretch ourselves both mentally and physically.
We'd never win 'Strictly' ! But that's not the point.
Learning a variety of dance steps is thought to create new pathways in our brains.
Our instructor is studying the whole area of how dance benefits PWP, at Doctorate level - we are so proud of her!
I am a great believer in the power of music and dance and know that both have lifted me out of the doldrums many times and made me smile.
I don't go to a class but my kitchen is my dance floor when I am able to move my stubborn, brain starved legs!! Even if the legs won't 'go', I can sit and dance with the upper part of my body.
You Tube is a fantastic place to go to 'sing-along'. It raises my spirits every time.

I've been going to special Parkinsons exercise classes which are set to music. The classs is in West London and organised by Parkinson's UK (local group) We really enjoy ourselves and I feel its been of great benefit, I was walking quite well when I came out of there this morning and that is certainly not always the case.

I would certainly recommend these type of classes. I too have always loved music and I dance whenever I'm able to. I don't dance very well, but who cares? I enjoy it and it does me good.

Does anyone happen to know of any dance classes for people with PD in the Oxfordshire area?