Working out during wear off

I usually start my work out approx. two hours after breakfast (I take my first meds of the day shortly after eating breakfast). A few days ago I had an urge to start a work out shortly after getting up when, I suppose, I will be in ‘wear off ‘mode having taken my meds (Madopar and Selegiline) over 12 hours previously (though I wonder if selegiline might go some way to slowing down on set of wear off).
So I did a little Chi Kung and felt fine. Next day I did some Chi Kung again and then dropped and did some push ups. Some mornings I need breakfast shorty after getting up – but, sooner or later, I just might be tempted to do a work out. I can’t help feeling that it might be beneficial.
Has anyone any experience of working out during wearing off?

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Yes, I often try to do some rowing or cycling in the morning before taking medication. It usually means that I lack some strength and I can get a cramp. But it’s good to get some in early and occasionally it results in an hour of complete freedom of movement without the need for meds.

What I prefer to do is take the meds then start exercising straight away. It obviously takes a while to get to the brain but I have a feeling it kicks in sooner when exercising, so perhaps half an hour instead of an hour (Sinemet).

i’m interested in trying this if it gets medication to the brain quicker but do you find it therefore wears off sooner

I can’t say that I’ve noticed that but will try to monitor. There seems to be a half-hour variation in any case as to when medication wears off, depending on other factors (diet, mood etc).
Also I often don’t notice the time medication wears off in the morning as I’m usually sitting down trying to work. Only when I try to walk does my my state of mobility become apparent.