World Parkinson’s Congress 2023

did parkinson’s uk pay for advocates to attend #wpc2023
Cover the cost of travel, flights, accommodation, or ticket to the conference?
If so how were these individuals identified as being worthy of such an expense taken out of charity funds?
Just an average question. Which needs an explanation as it seem it’s always the same old faces managing to attend as ever???

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To answer your question; Parkinson’s UK paid a grant of £500 to 28 x advocates as a contribution towards their costs in able to help them to attend WPC. Many of which would have not had the financial means to attend without our help. Please also note most had never attended a World Parkinson’s Congress before. Grant applicants were only considered if they were contributing towards the congress in some way, so by means of presenting a video, poster, facilitating, leading or speaking in a session or contributing via clinical research.

I hope this answers your question.

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Hi Reah.

With reference to the answer provided to Charlotte’s question, can you please provide exact numbers of those who presented, facilitated, offered a poster, or contributed in other ways. ( what ways)

And, having many friends with Parkinson’s, in what ways did Parkinson’s uk advertise the fact that grants were made available for those who would normally be financially restricted to attend.

Hi @RussB,

Grants were advertised on our website and were only awarded to people who contributed towards the congress.

All were carefully and fairly selected with criteria of either presenting a video, poster, leading or facilitating a session, participating in the Young-Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) Village or the Clinical Research Village. ‘Other’ reasons were such as cycling or running from the UK to Barcelona raising a huge amount of awareness as well as funds for Parkinson’s. Of the 28 grants awarded, 27 had never attended WPC before.

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This is an interesting question and one that is currently on my mind. Charities like PD UK receive large amounts of money. When I read many of the research projects funded by PD UK I often feel disappointed and concerned funds are potentially being wasted, even if everybody concerned has the best intentions, it does leave me wondering. However, a therapy discovered by an Italian neurologist, Dr Constantini, still requires funding in order for a randomized controlled trial to be undertaken. This therapy is based on vitamin B1. Sadly Dr Constantini died of Covid in 2020, however his research fellows and his patients are carrying on his amazing work which has many success stories. I plead with PD UK to help fund this trial and help those of us suffering with PD. Sally