World Parkinson’s Day 2023 - Bright & Brilliant Poetry Thread!

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It’s that time of year again where we mark a special day in the calendar to raise awareness on Parkinson’s.

This year; on 11th April for World Parkinson’s Day, we’re making everything Bright & Brilliant! :blue_heart:

If you have been touched by Parkinson’s, help us to shine a light with a poem this World Parkinson’s Day. Let your bright and brilliant shine through and write a short poem. Tell the world how Parkinson’s has affected you or someone you care about.

You may have had Parkinson’s for years or be newly diagnosed. Maybe someone you love is living with Parkinson’s. Why not ask your family to write about how they feel about Parkinson’s? Or sit with a group of friends and write something together? Every one of our stories is unique and special. Together we can raise awareness of Parkinson’s.

You can help to shine a light on Parkinson’s by writing and sharing a poem, lighting up blue or something completely different. Whatever you decide to do, do it in your own bright and brilliant way. :person_curly_hair: :person_red_hair:t6: :person_white_hair:t3: :man_with_turban:t5:

For more information on ways that you can get involved on World Parkinson’s Day, please visit the Parkinson’s UK website HERE

Hi just a little feedback I have written hundreds of poems but to reduce something as nuanced with such a wide spectrum asPD is at the moment not coming to me. I wonder if others are having the same difficulty

I thought the same too @JonB13. But if you look at it this way, it’s the same as writing a limerick. They mostly have 5 lines. I’ve sent 2 in already. They may sound daft, but they both focus on one aspect of my experience with Parkinson’s.


Thanks Martin. Well done Martin I am sure your contributions will be great I have now managed a 5 line poem so I will send it in.


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Will done John, I’m sure your contribution will be a good one.

thank you


You were my cheeky chap with bright blue eyes
and a wide broad grin. Robbed of the obvious:
dexterity, independence, body and mind.
Now dyskinetic and disconnected. Though
cruelly, it’s your stolen smile I miss most.

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Parkinson’s you can’t stop me
I am living well at the moment
working with my shaky hands
I believe to live well with Parkinson’s
You have to be a PARKINSON

Positivity helps you to go forward
Active nature improves your movements
Resilience helps to face your challenges
Kind to yourself is key to care for own health
Insightful thinking is a power to be purposeful
Nurturing skill will help to support others
Self confidence is mandatory to carry on
Optimism will help you to achieve dreams
Noble attitude leads you to positive outcome

Parkinson’s is not a life sentence
Take time to accept the fact
Be friendly with your new friend
Walk along and adjust yourself
You will find a new life to live