World wide travel insurance

can anyone suggest a reasonable world wide travel insurance company?

Hi Rod,

I’m not sure if you’ve had a look already, but we have a dedicated travel advice page (inc insurance info) which you can view here. Additionally our knowledgeable helpline team are available on 0808 800 0303 if you wanted to have a chat with them about options.

Best Wishes,
Tom A, Moderation Team

Hi @rod1, we shop around using an internet comparison site (this year we used travelsupermarket and ended up getting insurance with Explorer Travel Insurance). There is a standard set of questions about PD symptoms which determines any change to the premium. My symptoms are quite mild and don’t make any difference to the premium although we do pay slightly more because my husband has high blood pressure and high cholersterol.

We’ve just taken out an annual policy with Allclear which is not cheap but is comprehensive which is what we wanted.