Worried about lack of exercise

Hi there, I have not been on forum for months as I have been wallowing in self pity and denial :roll_eyes: I am currently signed off work and trying to create a new normal for myself.

My main worry is that I am not doing enough exercise. I am aiming for 150 minutes of brisk walking every week and use my Samsung watch to make sure my heart rate is in the “exercise zone”.

I tried the Reach Your Peak Programme which was great but just not for me and I also hired a personal trainer for a few months but didn’t enjoy that either.

I really enjoy walking and also have a, treadmill which is great if the weather is bad. I am concerned that this level of exercise may not be enough. I would greatly appreciate any advice/feedback.

Many thanks

Julie :grin:

Welcome back @J! It’s good to see you here again. We all have off times, and it sounds like you’re on the right track but need some motivation to keep going.

Exercise is really important since it helps with symptoms. What kind of exercise you choose depends on how your Parkinson’s is progressing. We do know that ideally you should aim for 2.5 hours a week with exercise that you find fun and interesting. For some that’s walking, for others swimming, for others dancing. If you’re having trouble sticking to something, why not do different things each time? You’ll find guidelines for which exercise is appropriate, as well as some ideas on what to do here.

I do hope that others will join in soon to let you know what’s worked for them.

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Cycling, walking, “dancing”, weights - I try and mix it up a bit, but always do it first thing in the morning - gets the day off to a good start, and I find routine the best way to overcome apathy…

Good luck

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Hi Julie, how are you? I guess it’s finding what works for you isn’t it, I don’t think I would have the patience with a personal trainer, one of my very good friends is a yoga teacher and we’ve had a few sessions, he is also a runner and doing his best to encourage me to join him but there’s no chance of that happening! I just can’t run! You’ve explored options and you still have your treadmill, very useful with the darker nights and this awful weather recently. Glad to see you have posted back on the forum, sorry to hear you are finding it difficult at the moment, I appreciate just how difficult it can be some mornings. There was a post/thread about an online dance class that will continue after xmas which I am going to look into, some really positive feedback on the forum if this is of interest to you, take care

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Hello Julie

I know, as you do and probably everyone on the forum that exercise is important and yes, if you find something you enjoy and make it a habit part of your routine then brilliant. Unfortunately Parkinson’s doesn’t suddenly turn on an exercise button, we’re no different to most of the general population who know they should be more active but don’t actually do anything about it. The worst thing you can do in my opinion is get hung up about it, feeling guilty because you haven’t done the recommended time or whatever does nothing but make you feel bad and that achieves precisely nothing.
So long as you move you will be doing something, have a stretch and you will be doing something and when this period of not being motivated for whatever reason passes you will pick it up again, maybe try something new. There are loads of videos on you tube maybe have a look at some of those.

Sometimes life gets in the way. For lots of reasons I won’t bore you with, 2019 and 2020 were not my best years and I don’t wish to sound dramatic here, but surviving was my main aim everything else had to wait. It has taken most of this year to feel properly well and my exercise routines have only recently got going. That’s the reality, that’s what you live with and you do the best you can with whatever it throws at you.

You said you were in denial and wallowing in self pity. That is a big thing to admit. It is also exhausting and confidence sapping. In your efforts to find your new normal you have identified exercise which is good but you are worrying if you are doing enough, the right type etc etc which if you are not careful will make it a chore something you have to do rather than want to do. So try to relax a bit, enjoy what you do do and go from there.

Just a word on the personal trainer. Maybe it wasn’t the right one. I had one and although he was good and I enjoyed it it was hard work. Walking to and from his studio plus an hour session was exhausting took the best part of 2 hours and felt like it disrupted the whole day. Now I have a trainer come to me at 9 twice a week for 30 mins each time. One session is on core strength the other stretching. She brings all the equipment with her. It has made all the difference and I am doing more myself on other days as a result. By 9.30/45 am it’s done and the day is mine…

Good luck in finding your new normal and enjoy the process other things will eventually fall into place. If every now and again you have a hiccup or two and it all falls apart, just pick it up again when you can and move on. I wish you well.


I know where you are coming from. I have struggled with getting an exercise routine that i can stick to and enjoy. And at my low times sometimes think, why bother! We all,know how important keeping moving is and your target time is brilliant. I have found that having a purpose which happens to include moving about works for me. I help out at couple of charities where I have a half hour walk each way to get there, : one role requires a degree of lifting , another some brain work and finally one that gets me meeting people. That commitment helps to get me off my bottom and also reminds me how great feels to be involved and that PD need not stop you from living your own life.,… although when the weather is bad then I don’t walk to to them, just the get wet on the way back. I hope you will find your own way soon, but don’t worry if it takes a while. It took me 2 yrs to find that this to best way for me. Good luck , you will do it.


Thanks so much for all your replies, support and advice. It really makes a huge difference and is much appreciated :pray::heart:

Thanks that sounds great do you have a link? :grin:

Hi this is the info I have copied from the page I saw it on, it’s going to continue after Christmas I believe
Dance for Parkinson’s: Online Classes - English National Ballet

"five-week term of Dance for Parkinson’s classes held online, and open to anyone living with Parkinson’s, their families and carers in the United Kingdom.

Our Dance for Parkinson’s classes can help with managing daily living with Parkinson’s – from enhancing fluidity of movement to improving balance. Now is a great time to try them from the comfort of home!

Delivered by English National Ballet Associate Dance Artists and Musicians, the five classes will creatively explore the themes, music and choreographic language of Nutcracker, the iconic Christmas ballet set to Tchaikovsky’s popular score.

Term dates and time
Every Friday between 5 Nov and 3 Dec, 11am – 12.30pm
You will receive the Zoom link the day before the first class from 4pm"

Take care

Thanks so much :pray:

My grandmother is sick with Parkinson’s and also often does various kinds of exercises. I think that the most important thing is regularity, albeit with a short duration of one lesson.

Hi @J. Walking is great exercise. My exercise of choice is cycling and I find cycling in a group more enjoyable than solo. First, because it then also becomes a social activity. Second, if I plan to cycle alone it is very easy for me to change my mind and put it off but if I have agreed to meet others and ride I feel obliged to turn up!

I also walk and have joined in with several walking groups - I found them on https://www.meetup.com/ which is free and shows you groups of people meeting in your area doing activities you like - I recommend it.

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Hi glad to see you are still cycling. Hope you are well, perhaps the YOPD zoom meet ups will return. Take care :smiley:

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Thanks @AnaElsa :wave: :smiley: