Worried daughter

Hello everyone. My first post tonight. My mum has had PD for around 7 years now. She also has Pulmonary Fibrosis (breathing difficulties)and unfortunately, these two diseases do not complement each other. I am struggling at the moment, seeing my Mum deteriorate so quickly. She has just been given oxygen therapy which is helping her breathing, but she is losing weight at a great deal of knots. She doesn't go out anymore (and hasnt at all on her own this year) and I am trying to buy her high calorific food to try to build her up. She forgets to eat and as she never feels hungry or fancies food, doesn't eat unless I prompt her. I work full time, try to look after grandchildren, husband and son at home. She lives alone at present, but I think this will be changing in the very near future. I do all her housework etc, and am just at the end of my tether. We have a very good PD Nurse who visits at home now and I know this is all to be expected but I miss my MUM. I am trying to understand that she is different now, but it is so hard. She is only 73 years of age, my Dad died when he was 34 and she has never remarried. She never complains about anything, just takes it all in her stride and it is just not fair. I know I need to get over this blip and have very good supportive friends, but they dont really understand. Sorry to go on a bit on my first visit to this site, but I am feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment and I know you are all in the same boat, but thought I would share with you all. From a miserable moo moo.
Hello Mrs G,

It is always very difficult to see your loved ones suffer and I guess from what you say you are very close and that she is struggling with everything at the moment, also not eating very well. May I suggest you have a word with the PD nurse and see if a dietitian will call to see her, if not you can request Ensure Plus or Forty Sip on prescription for her these are food supplements, weight lost is quite common in some people with PD and our doctor keeps a close check on these patients.
You must feel free to get it off your chest so to speak on here as we all understand how difficult it is to talk to close family or friends.
If you think that your mother will have to go into a nursing home soon then please do look around at several first so that you have an idea where you would prefer her to go and although the PD nurse can't recommend one you can get a good idea from local which are the best ones to start with.
best wishes
hi mrs g welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx for 11 half years im 43 years old.i understand exactly how difficult it is for you to juggle work and look after your mum.me dad, had bad health before he passed in 2006,and i was still workin then,he had no carers comin in,said he wonted me to look after him,i had pd by this time,and things were gettin harder.so eventually i got care package sorted out for him,after havin a good long chat with him to make him understand it was for the best.i bet your mum would be like me dad would not like to see you become worn down by stressin over her,may be it time care was set up,there is so many agenceys out there,ihave a social worker and she sorted mine out for me,it best thing i ever did for me self now to.some people who are elderly dunna wont to leave there homes ,just like me mom her self,she has care herself in the home,were she got all her memorys around her.its just a thought mrs g,:smile:there is good surport on this forum,and many community members will no were your comin from,some times i think it really tuff for the carers as it is for the sufferers.the surport line on puk has good guidence to mrs g,its good to talk,and may be they will be able to guide you wot would be best for you and mom at the stage that she is at now.good luck,please keep in touch x:smile:
Thank you so much for your kind words and support. Not sure what avenue I am going to take yet, but do understand that I have to look out for me too, but it is hard. X