Worried how to help Dad

Hi, I’ve been reading through posts looking for help as s I’m struggling with getting through to my dad, getting him to understand the changes I see.
He’s 78 and was diagnosed 12 months ago, initially symptoms were slowness, l/h tremor and lack of expression. He saw a consultant who diagnosed Parkinsons, which i thought was the issue, and started him on Levodopa. Although this has helped with the tremors, i have watched him get worse over the last 6 months, mainly in his slowness and mental processes.
Its challenging as my mum has always been a hypochondriac and whenever he is struggling, along comes another issue for mum which takes priority.
Dad has a blue badge but his driving is worrying me, im only just able to start driving following an op so dad took me to hospital for appointment and it was scary how unaware he is, and tunnel visioned.
Ive tried talking to him and explaining why im concerned but he doesnt think theres anything wrong with his driving and in fact doesnt really seem to accept anything other than hes a little slower and has tremors. we are waiting for dvla to get in touch- didnt realise he hadnt told them so i contacted them this week.
just wondered how other people have gone about dealing with the driving issue.
im so worried he’ll cause an accident.

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Hello and welcome to our forum, @Jayne293. This is a friendly and supportive place to find yourself and I hope that you’ll be hearing from fellow members soon.

Watching your dad’s condition worsen can’t be easy for you, especially since you already have your hands full with your mum. It does sound quite stressful so please remember to take care of yourself. Our page for carers is a good read: Caring for someone with Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK. Your dad is very lucky to have you there to care for and about him.

I hear your concern about your dad’s driving. This is such a dilemma as I’m sure he values his independence. I’d advise you to speak to his GP or Parkinson’s nurse to see what advice they might give. For example, they can suggest a driver assessment with a Mobility Centre: Choosing to stop driving | Parkinson's UK.

Don’t forget you can also speak to our helpline advisers on 0808 800 0303 to see what they can offer in the way of support.

Take care
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Hi just read your post sorry to hear your concerns for your dad & driving. My husband has PD & driving was his life work & pleasure. I dreaded the day when he couldn’t drive. But it came when the PD nurse did an assessment on his condition & she told him he was not safe to drive. She then said she would contact DVLA. So the decision was made for him. He had to accept it & it took a while but he doesn’t mention it now.