Worse after exercise

OOPs that should read 2200hrs for the cobenaldopa.

Hi Mark Anthony

I find exercise has very variable effects- sometimes after a good cycling ride I walk well for the rest of the day, but the next day walk really badly and feel generally uncoordinated. Other times when I get off my bike I struggle to walk into the house. Does not seem to relate to distance or effort.

It is very obvious when my meds wear off while cycling - my strength just disappears and my pedalling becomes uneven, so I "clank" as I go along. Oddly, I find that the meds kick in more quickly while cycling, in about 30 minutes, whereas at home they take up to an hour!

But, it is essential to get out a few times a week for my sanity!


Joint pain, particularly shoulder elbow and hips, stiff and sore neck, body stiff and sore, body stiffness, balance concerns and still working full time and travelling all over. Flights and driving are a challenge. Go to gym regularly and play a bit of golf. On 6gm ropinorole but not sure it’s working

Hi gordo, perhaps you need your medication increasing. I was started on Ropinirole XL ‘slow release’ when I was first diagnosed 9 years ago, each time I felt my body ‘winding’ down and my legs feeling heavy, I new that I needed extra medication, and spoke to my Parkinsons Nurse. What brand of Ropinirole are you on? I have the Ralnea brand or the Requip brand, my body will not accept any of the cheaper brands on the market, also I have always taken the XL version and ‘slow release’.

Hope you get sorted and feel better - sheffy