Worse as the day wears on

I have not been diagnosed with Parkinsons and take no medication but feel I could have it with tremors, dodgy hand writing, fasciculations, feeling a bit off balance and other odd sensations. My question today is do tremors get worse as the day wears on. I don’t notice the tremors, which can be body wide, first thing in the morning but get worse especially after activity like gardening. I would love to hear from anyone who can remember what their first symptoms were. I don’t think I shuffle (but use walking poles) and my arms swing. I am stiff but have osteoarthritis in hands which are a bit misshapen so perhaps that accounts for tremor and handwrting? Any observations gratefully received!

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Hi Fed,

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We are sure some of our members will be along soon to share their experiences with you. Until then, if you think you have Parkinson’s, please speak to your GP who can refer you to a specialist doctor. There is also lots on information on our website here that we hope will be useful for you.

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Hi, black coffee helps. See “coffee as an aid” but lots more research available about the benefits of coffee in general and for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, also to help prevent people falling etc.

hi fed my 1st symptom was right arm tremor.my handwriting went scrawley and when stressed i couldnt stop strong tremor.because i was young it was put down to stress but i knew i wasnt stressed when other symptoms became visible thats when i was sent for spect scan. my teeth and tongue quiver and i cannot address awkward situations anymore because i forget what my point is in conversation and nerves kill me.it sounds like you have pd but diagnosing it can be long and drawn outif you do have it i hope yours will be like mine that is very slow progression ive been diagnosed 10 full year and im still doing my thing good luck x

Hi Janice, tks for yr reply. I’m planning to go to the GP any day now, I keep putting it off because my symptoms could be anything neurological and vary so much throughout the day. I’ m worried the GP will fob me off again and say again it’s the aging process. Thanks again and hope you continue doing your thing! Best wishes Fed

Hi Janice, I too have quivers in the tongue and throat which are awful! Has your Consultant suggested anything? I had botox which made my voice weird for 6 months and couldn’t swallow so ended up in hospital for 3 days! xx