Worsening symptoms or medication changes

I am wife & (recently) full - time carer for hubby, diagnosed 6 years ago. He has other health issues all under control with medication, the worst of which is type 2 diabetes which he was diagnosed with 10 yes ago. Recently he has had pain in his heels at night and has been told he has diabetic neuropathy. I moisturise his feet & put medical dressings on his feet every night as shown by nurse practioner. What this is leading to is his medication has been changed from Amitryptiline (for PD mood swings) to Duloxetine 60mg for neuropathic pain & the mood swings. He takes Sine met 12.5/50 my & 25/100 my 4 times a day for his PD (amongst many other for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hiatus hernia & more!) Plus Clonal exam 500 microgram before bed for hallucinations. What I'm leading to is hus mobility & confusion has taken a startling turn for the worse. He can barely walk, he sleeps nearly all day, his coordination is poor & seems very confused at times. He only started Duloxetine 3 days ago, gradually cutting down the Amitryptiline. I know this sounds like a medical dictionary (something I've got used to talking about over the the years!)but I don't know if his PD has worsened very quickly or the meds are causing these changes. I've only been full time carer for last 10 months I gave up my part time job, which I was happy to do. He seems to have worsened gradually in those months but the last week has been very bad. Think I'm rambling now, this is my first time on here but I used to read this forum avidly in the first year or so. Found other people's advice, experiences & information invaluable. Thanks for reading!
Should read Clonazepam 500 microgram at night......flipping phone thinks it knows better than me!


   Hello libra.

               If I may say so, you are a very brave fantastic compassionate superkind lady, the weight you carry now is or can, crush the life out of a person yet you battle on in the face of painfull adversity fighting to defend your husband from one of natures most wicked horrible afflictions, I admire you greatly and if I was a senior officer leading my shock troops into bloody battle against the BLACKHEART, you my friend would be on the front line, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of   Wives  Partners Daughters  Sons  and yes even Husbands, who devote their lives to caring for their loved ones and PD  is one hell of a enemy to take on, the reason I  bring attention  to your own personal war is it was like reading my dear wifes struggle to defend me, I was diagnosed with this evil disease in 99 but had been noticing things failing long before I was told I had it and all through the intervening years this lovely lady has cared for me I would not be here if it was not for her undying loyalty and affection , I hope you dont mind me making your situation a perfect example of devotion to duty but thats exactly what it is you are worth your entire weight in solid 24carat Diamond, and I know anyone reading your story will feel the same, if you need to chat about anything at all my e mail is available in the meantime your husband is a very lucky man, as am I.  I know your husband is very poorly and it saddens me to read your suffering and I wish there was something I could do to ease the burden , be strong libra

                                     I  WISH YOU WELL,    Fed