Wots the differnce between parkinsons and parkinsonism

has anyone been told they have parkinsonism instead of dx of parkinsons,or been dx at first with parkinsons then treated for many years for it then had a change of dx to parkinsonism,like i have.
parkinsonism,can cause parkinsons symtoms such as slowing down,tremor,ridergty,stiffnesss,and balance problems.there are a few disorders that can produce symtoms refered to as parkinsonism,parkinsons disease is just one of them.so wots the difference?

well typical parkinsons patient has lewey bodys in the brains neurons,when a patient is givern dopamine replacement thearpy for example sinemet meds those symptoms go away.but parkinisum have typical parkinsons symptoms but does not respond to the dopamine replacement thearpy.parkinsonism has two classes.msa is a example.it produces alpa-synuclein clusters in the brain glal cells,protect the neurons in the brain,instead of in the neurons as in the case as parkinsons.involves defetive tau proteins which act as binder of microtubules of cells.a dysfunction in the tau proteins is wot causes psp and cbd.
they get grouped togeather under the catergary of parkinsonism cus they have over over lapping symtoms of typical parkinsons disease,and cus dopimine producing cells in the brain are effected in all these disorders.

psp patients have palsy,first a weakness of eye movement looking up and down,as it progresses eyes become frozern and they carnt move them in any direction,which is awful.
msa have servere automatic dysfunctions.they carnt maintain good blood presure,and suffer with urine incontinince.this is the parkinsonism i have .symtoms overlap with parkinsons disease and do not respond to dopamine meds.
i hope this information can least help some folk out there on the forum,and if you have been told its parkins,or parkinsonism,good luck to all of you :smile:

Ali, I am sorry to here you have been diagnosed with MSA, if you have mentioned it before and I have missed it, I apologise.
As you say, it is an alpha-synuclien type illness so lets hope that some of the pd research in that area also helps people with MSA.

Hello Ali - long time no 'see'! I am very sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with MSA.
I should be most interested to know where or from whom you were given the information that a 'typical Parkinson's patient has Lewey Body in the brain neurons' and that dopamine replacement therapy makes the symptoms go away.

As ever Ali, I wish you all the best

Thankyou both for wishing me well.i made this post cus i felt i needed to share my expercece with others who may be going through the same.ab the information was spoke and explained to me and my carer by my neuroligist and pd nurse.i wish you both well yourselfs.and ab it nice to see you posting agin.missed you.:smile:

Hi ali.

I too would be interested to know where you received this information as it is not what I understand Lewy bodies to be and their affect.

I just Googled to check to see if my understanding of Lewy bodies was correct, (it was, and there is also a PUK leaflet, available online, on the subject.

Hi Ali j sorry to her you've got msa ,im confused I've been dx with Parkinson's stage two but have bells palsey which is horrid around the head.it feels like maggots crawling under the skin and is very painful due to the pressure.ive had hardly any sleep for six weeks and find it hard to get my head on a pillow.im now on levodopa or last three week and I do seem to be stronger.all the best john