Wots your plans for queens jubilee

hi ,well we have had a lot of rain,but today suns out and its lookin great:smile:

wots everyones plans for today and tomorrow,or wot did you do the weekend?:smile:
Hi Ali Jay, We watched it all on TV even tho h cannot see he enjoyed listening especially the technical bits about the boats and lifting up Tower Bridge. Today am cleaning up the house and watching/listening to the pop concert at night, what about you? love Sunray x
hi sunray,it lovley watchin things on tv,doin the parades,brite colours ,fire works ,everything that went on,im glad u enjoyed it,and tonite have a nice time watchin it tonite as well.we got a party in the cul-de -sac today:smile:
Glad you are enjoying the all the pomp of the Jubilee .

I a nice change to see something happy isn't it .

We have both enoyed it all so far and my husband has just asked me what time the concert is on tonight .

So we will be watching that also ..

Happy watching and listening all.
It's been raining on and off today and most of the weekend so got the choccies ready to watch the concert tonight. Hope everyone has enjoyed the celebrations.
Saturday was Wales v The Barbarians, and looking after the dog, whilst the wife took the grand daughter to Wales on the train.

Yesterday was a day of getting up late, then watching the pageant on TV and fiddling with the I pad at the same time.

Today is about the same, another lazy day and the family are watching the concert on TV whilst I'm on the laptop doing some Ancestry and e-mails.

Tomorrow were off to breakfast somewhere with my daughter and grand daughter - probably an American diner for pancakes and maple syrup.

Hey ho, the life of a retiree eh??
my mam was visiting for the weekend. Watched some of the jubilee on TV, husband watched Wales v Barbarians whilst I went to hairdresser. Went to Jubilee concert in Duthie park with mam on Sunday afternoon.
Work got in the way of anything today but have day off tomorrow so plan to be watchung TV from 0830
giving blood donation in the afternoon - if they will accept it.
unfortunately blood donation could not be accepted due to PD :disappointed:
I won't bother giving blood or stand for hours watching cack whilst you're back teeth are floating. This could lead , to a bladder infection.
we had a street party ,weather was nice thankgoodness on monday ,had lovley time.:smile:
Watched the Thames pageant on Saturday with everybody getting soaked to the skin. So that's why we sing "Long to rain over us". :laughing: