WOW smart step for drop foot

It really works improved walking 95% no more scuffing my foot better balance only down side £194 that includes customs and postage bought mine through eBay used pay pal..great beware make sure customs and postage is paid for. easy to wear light only can get from usa

Hi Gus do you wear this brace all the time then ? I've seen some that are for night use but not heard of this . My right foot is dropping I'm sure . I scuff my shoe and I worry about falling when I'm out . My balance is not that great .Is it comfortable ? x

you wear it for hour first day two second day three third and so on up to the seventh then you can wear allday .I feel so good on it that im not going to use my walking stick. The company I got mine from is I used to shuffle aswell drag my foot stumble .its so light
If you go ahead and order one make sure you order spare velcro shoe pack aswell you can get this from same firm above .
yes it's comfortable with any shoe as I said it's so light and simple
if you order the easiest way to get right size is put bare foot on piece of paper and draw around heel and measure across heel if under 2.5" you need small if over need big.and then right foot or left .

Sounds really good Gus and no stick . Thanks for the information . 

no problem just walked across rd to post box felt great,

That's great Gus . What's happening with DBS change ? 

got pre opp assessment next week to see if I'm fit for general anaesthetic then not long after that get new generator

How long will it last for ? Are you able to have the other type that lasts longer ? 

3yrs the medtronics ,going to miss out on the new vercise dbs by couple months as need to make new extension leads for them both to work together hey just happy to have dbs !

Yes can see what you're saying Gus . You'll probably have the vercise next time . Sounds brilliant . 

Hi Gus

I am early in the PD journey and just taking Madopar. I've developed 'off dystonia' meaning that I get problems with my right foot turning in and dropping and toes curling. End up walking on outside of foot and by the afternoon I get cramping and pain up the front of the leg when I'm walking. My neurologist advises making changes/additions to the meds. I'm still in full time work which is an added problem when it comes to taking meds very frequently and having side-effects like falling asleep.

Just wondering if you (or others) think the Walkaide or Smart-Step might be an alternative to meds.



it will be your meds wearing off that affects walking ,but a foot can help the problem making it easier to walk ie so your not using up your meds so quick. hope this helps a bit

thanks Gus

Sorry for the delay in getting back. Started taking daily dose in six divided doses which has helped. Also went to an orthotist and she gave me a strapping that helps when i go for longer walks. She wasn't so sure the Walkaide was the thing for me.Seeing neurologist in a couple of weeks so will discuss meds with him. Was over in UK last week and met someone with similar symptoms who did well on Ropirinol only for about five years, wonder now if I was wise to go straight onto L dopa as my neuro advised. Might see about switching over.

BTW I think you're a great support for so many of us earlier on in the PD journey so thanks again 

thanks gunmelb