Wrist support

now it’s the right one that is bothering me - I’m wondering if anyone has some kind of wrist support they can recommend? Don’ think I’ll be seein g a physio any time soon
I had a quick look online but there’s so many types.
I put a rolled up tea-towel under my right wrist when I’m using the computer but my arm is moving like crazy these days . When I move around the house and I keep bashing it on things in the same spot which doesn’t help.

Maybe a wrist band would help protect it bu t might be too tight on top of a bruise. Some seem to be more adjustable like a wrap. I’ve pinched my son’s old gym gloves for on the trike as they have a leather palm b ut don’t cover the wrist

yes, I use & would recommend Meister Pro Speed Wraps


Thanks for the suggestion- I get brain fog when there’s too many choices.

Boxing wraps! I certainly feel like I‘m having a fight with myself sometimes.

The other day I was trying to sit quietly in front of the tv to do some knitting and managed to wack my wrist on a bony knee

. I’m going to try a wrist wrap. It looks pretty padded but with a velcro fastening so I can make it loose enough. I can use it when I’m cycling with the gym gloves & keep it on when I’m in the house.

We’ll see if it’s soft enough to use when I’m attempting yoga – a lot of weight/bending on the wrists especially in down dog & the dreaded hover.

Those are what I use, I have one on right now. good luck!