Wrists not working

I was diagnosed in Sept 2018 with mild symptoms and am not yet on medication. In recent months I have started having problems with my arms and wrists.
I’m ok when I’m physically busy but as soon as I sit down in the evening, my arms become ‘uncomfortable’ kind of like restless legs. Exercise seems to help but not always. Also I seem to have developed a kind of RSI in both my wrists - I can’t use a computer mouse at all these days and doing anything that involves small wrist movement renders them useless - not so much painful, but just unbearable to move as though they are going to give out.
The rest of my symptoms are mild and relatively easy to live with, but these are driving me nuts.
Anybody have any experience with either of these?


I get something similar in my hands, although I would not describe it as my wrists. I am on medication, and with me the problem is related to the medication wearing off. As well as an unpleasant sensation in my hands, I find it difficult to use the keyboard and touch pad on my laptop. The long term solution to your problem may be to commence taking medication. In the meantime, I’ve found that the unpleasant sensation can be relieved somewhat by providing another sensation for that area of the body, putting my hands in a bowl of warm water, for example, or simply rubbing my hands. With my legs, I put a heat pad under my thighs, give myself a massage or do some stretching exercises.

Thank you Jane.
I have found that cold helps on my wrists but will also try the heat pad under my thighs.

I have no solutions for you @Bexby but just wanted to say I experience the same. Only in my right hand/wrist. My writing has deteriorated badly. My typing speed and accuracy has dropped. And using the mouse is not painful, but just…awkward. It’s like there is a disconnect between my brain and my right hand. I am on very low dose of rasagiline - 1mg - and thinking a higher dose may help? My left side seems unaffected at the moment, so I suppose I could teach myself to use the mouse left-handed…

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