Write to your MP for a fairer benefits system

There are major changes going through Parliament at the moment that will impact on the benefits that people with Parkinson's are entitled to.

Thanks to the support of people affected by Parkinson's, the Government conceded some changes to the benefit. They will issue guidance for how fluctuating conditions affect a claim for PIP but it will not be outlined in law, leaving a risk that the guidance might not be applied during assessments.
The Government also made recent changes to the PIP rules, without any consultation with charities like us. They have reduced the distance that someone is able to walk 'repeatedly, reliably, safely and in a timely manner' from 50 to 20 metres.

Our first campaign action for 2013 is to try and change this - it would be great if you could join in!

To email your MP click http://bit.ly/VXBaQG

Press and Policy Assistant