Writing Pen for parkinson patients

hello, can anybody tell me where I can get a pen for parkinson patient. Iam living in India and my father is suffering from parkinson from past 12 years. He has recently undergone trachesnomy surgery and is unable to speak. He tries to communicate by writing but we are unable to understand what he writes. Can anybody tell me from where can i buy a pen designed for parkinson patients in India ?

Hi Bhumi,

I'm sorry that your father is having trouble communicating through writing. It must be really frustrating for him and your family. I am not sure whether any of the writing products we sell in our shop would make his writing more legible because they are designed to make writing more comfortable for people with Parkinson's. but you are very welcome to have a look and see if they could be of any help.

We have a writing grip to make standard pens more comfortable to write with and a light touch pen with an ergonomic design for those who have lost dexterity and find writing tiring. If you think either of these products might help your father's writing you can order them by phone or mail, but please do email [email protected] before ordering to ask for a delivery charge quote for shipping it to India.

I hope you find a product that can help your father communicate more easily and effectively.

Best wishes,
(Moderation team) 


Hi, is your dad able to use a computer? There are some good on-screen keyboards for tablets (I find these much easier than writing) including swype. I don't know about the breadth of languages available, but I think it comes in Hindi and Urdu if either would be of any use. You just wipe your finger around the keyboard - though if your dad has poor eyesight, it may be difficult to use. I also suspect that there are a range of picture apps too for basic communication (though I haven't checked). Lastly, I'm sure you will have read this elsewhere, but thick felt pens that don't require too much pressure are easier than standard pens. I hope you find a solution that works for your dad soon,  J