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Since my wife’s diagnosis she has a marked tremor in her dominant hand and finds it hard and embarrassing to sign documents. Does anyone have any advice on hand writing tools like pens that combat this tremor?

welcome to our community. I had very streesfull situation last year. I needed to sign more than 20 documents in bank (something about my credit). I’t was terrible. Than they call me tomorow to tell me that I need to come again to sign everything again because the signs are not the same. I ask lady in bank to alow me to do it on the other desk where I was alone. I try my best with the support of my husband but that was nightmare. So, no advice, only try to calm down and tell employee that you have some health problem (no need to tell PD, you can tell problems with hand for example…) All the best, Martina

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Hello N0rthernStar - welcome to the forum
Have a look for weighted pens and/or pens with a bigger barrel and try a gel or different type of ink. Using a signature guard may help. It’s a bit trial and error to find something that suits and a bit of practise to get used to it because it can feel strange - the grip is a little different with a bigger barrel for example. An alternative and maybe less stressful option would be to inform the organisation and see what options they have. In any event make them aware your wife cannot be rushed she needs time and if she can’t for whatever reason be left on her own to sign request a room with the minimum number of staff in attendance.
I hope this may help and please come back to the forum to let us know how you get on

Hi NOthern Sar,
I’m afraid I can’t help much but if you can find a ‘heavy’ pen or pencil, that will definitely help.

Thanks for the information! , CliveV. Your information was helpful

Thanks for the information!