Any tips on improving dexterity.
Things that bug me are writing with a biro, putting my watch on and extracting change from my pocket.

Yes, all of the above + doing buttons up, shaving…

Sorry, no tips as such but things have improved for me since neurologist put me on rasagiline.

Hi Hubby, I can’t say for sure my dexterity has improved but these exercises make me feel like I am doing something constructive which is half the battle

Re writing, check out pens with different types of ink and nibs eg gel, rollerball fine tip and so on and also different barrell widths - i definitely find some easier to write with than others. There are various bits of equipment around to help but there is such an array of pens about these days with a bit of research you can probably find one that helps. Re getting change, I use a purse with a coin tray and there are coin tray ‘purses’ that are aimed at men and you may find one of these easier - this one was on ebay.


You may also find a button hook helpful.
Hope something in that lot may help.

Really helpful.


Further to yesterday Living Made Easy is an excellent resource and you may find something here to help.

I am a retired O.T. with hubby with PD. So here’s a mix of experience and home spun discovery.
Use a man-style leather bum bag for change instead of pockets - may help as you can look at you hand digging into it for change. Bigger aperture too.
My hubby discovered one day that signing for a parcel delivery on the courier’s fingertip writing screen was easy - his micrographia solved! Have we discovered something? Try taping a biro to your index finger!!! Seriously though, try enlarging the pen grip - commercial pen grip aids available, or use small bore pipe insulation - can help. S